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    Ok So I am having a hard time finding somethings and I am wondering if I can get some help.

    Now we don't have many options at home for a changing area we either do it on the floor or the bed with protection. Is there any adult changing table ideas you guys can help me with?

    Also I need to find a resource for not outrageous expensive Adult Baby diapers that we can buy a pack at a time or in surplus any ideas?

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    Depends on the amount of space you have available for that I suppose. We've discussed public restrooms with adult changing tables here somewhat recently, so they definitely are available, but may be quite difficult to find and could be expensive.

    If you've got a room dedicated to AB, having a large crib with a drop-down gate would be ideal? Maybe you want to plan in that direction?

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    I'm changed most often on the bed, although I do have an oval table as well. I think it's more comfortable for my sitter to be on the bed beside me while she's changing me. She has supplies on the nightstand and diapers in baskets on the top of the bedspread.

    The other alternative is a dresser top ... you need a long, low dresser, and those were more common years ago than they are today.

    I honestly prefer being changed on the floor, since I can do whatever I want while my sitter changes me. She says that's very uncomfortable for her.

    I've had an adult crib in the past, and they are great for 'uninvolved' diaper changes because the mattress is about waist-high for the caregiver. If you're cleaning up a 'messy' baby, however, the crib becomes a very un-handy place to change.

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    I could see a full size crib and changing table taking up a lot of space in a room

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    If you have an extra bedroom you don't use, you could put a twin bed in there with a plastic mattress protector. That might be the simplest solution.

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    When we have the space available we plan on having a room for all things ABDL but we are looking for temporary comfort for me it can be very hard on my bad knee to be on the floor or the bed. So I might go with the crib idea or the round table thanks guys

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