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Thread: Cartoon adult pull up!!! :)

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    Default Cartoon adult pull up!!! :)

    Oh my god!! Look what I found from a Chinese company!! They make baby looking adult pull ups.

    I found this cause I just bought from a new diaper call "sexy" diaper which in fact is not sexy but cute looking and from what I can see, is the same from "mydiaper naght"
    Though, I saw a webpage on the bag so I decided to follow look it up and BANG!! There is a babyish adult pull up!!!!

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    Looks like they make some other cool stuff like the animal print adult diapers as well.

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    Wow! What a great find. It seems like they are just a supplier though?

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    Near the end you can see them being loaded into bags. The diapers themselves look all white, but the bags seem to be mostly black with a bit of purple. They maybe running Tykables Tyightie Whitie ("Scene EXtender") bags during that video? I ond't know of any other diapers that are packed into black bags?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my dream diaper. Why can't ABU or someone pick up this supplier and make these pull-ups? I'm sure a ton of people are interested given the popularity of Goodnites.

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    Maybe Jeremyd will notice and pick this up. Hope so at least. Based solely on the picture, the rise on the padding is what I myself have been looking for in a pull-up.

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    hmmmm Cushies Pullups maybe??? I wouldn't care for them, but quite a few would. Might be worth a test run.

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    Unfortunately, that isn't actually an adult pullup. Someone posted this on the abdl subreddit and Casey from ABU posted this:

    This is not an ABDL pullup. It's labeled wrong on their website. We're familiar with this factory and they don't have the capability. Just in case this had changed, our bulldog in China who has a relationship with this factory called their office to check and it is indeed wrong on the website. What they do have is the ability to make something that is totally not what any of us are looking for (think Abena pull-ups, but lower quality).. .

    Keep fishin. We will too!

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