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Thread: I want my nappy to be put on me......

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    Default I want my nappy to be put on me......


    For sometime now i have really, really, really been wanting my wife to put a nappy on me. She knows about my DL side and is supportive and as many have said on this forum, she just doesnt want to much to do with it. I'm allowed to wear around the house and to bed which i know im one of the lucky ones. So i dont want to push it too far. She has known since about October last year. We dont talk much about it. I soo want to talk to her more about it and see where she is now at this stage. There have been one or two instances that i have gone to bed in the past when im dog tired and want to have a nappy on but too tired to do it myself. So i have asked her and she refused.
    So i thought i would just flat out ask her if i can have her put my night time nappy on just this once and see if i like and if she likes it. I know my wife looks at me as her rock and her man. So i think the act of her putting my nappy will mean that im not her man.
    I know little steps. I actually think there are no steps at the moment.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Well first thing is first you are correct on the part that you are lucky she lets you wear. With that being said I would say the key word would be Communication. For example you could try to take her out to a romantic dinner and maybe a movie. Then candles maybe pamper her in a loving way show her how much you thank her for letting you wear. Then you could talk about her diapering you one time. I'm not saying that any of this will work and it's just my 2 cents on the subject. Good luck my friend keep us updated hope all goes well!!

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    If all else fails, offer her a trade: A l-o-n-g back rub (maybe an hour!) in exchange for diapering you for bed.

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    In my own personal experiences, the key to getting a spouse or significant other to want to participate in a one-sided fantasy is to be an over-achiever in the things they enjoy. As long as your regular intimacy (whatever that may be) is healthy, you should be able to be open enough to talk about things that may be a treat or a fantasy for one another. Obviously not everyone has fantasies or kinks to explore, but if standard bedroom activities is what she wants, make sure to go above and beyond. But if there are a few things here and there that she would like to try (or has always wanted to try), make her feel comfortable to be completely open with you, no matter what it is, and let her know that you are willing to explore those things with her at whichever speed or to whatever length she feels okay with. This way, she will be more motivated to do the same for you.

    Think of this the same way that people have advised moron buffoons that just want oral sex from their partners; Give more and you shall receive. Also, women are a lot less mechanical than men, so making this more of journey in your relationship together will benefit you infinitely more than cold calling her into a room and saying 'please do this for me'. So always think 'What's in it for her', as you should in all walks of life.

    Obviously you aren't a moron or a buffoon, you are here trying to cope with and overcome some of the hardest hurdles of living a happy & fulfilled life as your true self. So, with this, I bid you good luck friend!


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    Thanks everyone for the advice.
    Cloud, really good advice.
    I was going to talk to her last night but chickened out. So nervous and scared in a way.
    I also feel that nappy changes are a personL thing and I think I'm going to be very embarrassed if she agrees. I can only imagine what she would be feeling.

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    I spoke to my wife this weekend. To cut a long story short and for those who look for answers about relationships and nappies. This is what happened.
    My wife sadly hasn't made much more progress with me wearing nappies the reason for this is that she doesn't like certain textures. For instance she doesn't like towelling. So when she dries herself off after a shower she does it very quickly. She also hates the feeling of her sanitary pads when it's her time of the month. She cannot wait for it to be over so thT she doesn't have to wear the pads.
    So in relation to my nappies, she doesn't like the feeling of them when I hug her or if I cuddle her at night. She has said its not the contents of the nappy that puts her off I.e. Me wetting my nappy. It's just the squishy feeling against her skin that she doesn't like.
    So we have come up with a plan to help her get over this and this is to desenserise her. They way we are doing this is by her cuddling me and me her. Also she will asking me how my nappy is and coming over to me when there is a moment and checking my nappy by way of feeling it. I'm really happy with the solution because it is something I have wanted for a while. The reason is that she is now showing interest in me and to be honest affection. Showing that she is caring for me. However it will be a slow process and at her pace.
    I have also said to her that at some point I would love her to put a nappy on me. She said that it will take time for to get to that point. The good news is that she didn't say no.
    So all in all. I think we are on the right track......

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