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    Cool Hewwo :3

    Hello everyone!!! My name is Ashlee. I made this account a little while ago but forgot all about it But I'm back now! I am 19 years old, I'll be 20 next month. My "little" side is about 3 years old. My favorite color is pink. I LOVE coloring. I'm obsessed with hello kitty, spongebob, paw patrol, disney movies, sofia the first, doc mcstuffins, and peppa pig :P I do enjoy adult things as well, such as, reading a good book, going shopping, going to the gym, and being online. I am from PA so if you're remotely close, we should totally become friends! :3 My favorite diapers so far are DC Amors but I'm DYING to try the new Rearz princess diapers and ABU space diapers. I love my paci, my blankey, mr. bear, and a nice clean diapee!

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    Welcome back!

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    Hi and welcome back. My wife bought me two adult coloring books and I've done the first page in one of them. They really relieve stress. I was quite surprised. The other book which I want to start is called, "The Enchanted Forest" and it has some really cool pictures. I also enjoy reading and I've written a novel, self published to Kindle.

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    *waves paw at Ashlee*

    Hewwo fellow right coaster!


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    I'm from PA, too! Well like i don't live there anymore, but it's still kinda cool XP we have a lot in common. Coloring is totally my jam, and i love sofia and disney in general. I also read whenever i get enough free time.

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