We go to a large church and so we don't know a lot of the people there. We started to go to a new Sunday School class and met a couple that we have seen in church but didn't know.

They are our ages so we sort of became friendly with them. Last Sunday they invited us over to their home for the afternoon and evening. He owns a large business in town and they live on a 10 acre mini-ranch. They have 8 grown children and as of last month have 16 grandchildren, with more on the way!

While we were there the husband was called to his business for something important for an hour or so, so the wife took us for a tour of the ranch, and then the home. We loved all of the animals.

Three of the bedrooms in the home (the home has to be at least 5000 sq. ft.) are for the grandchildren which they take care of often. One is a total nursery with all of the trimmings (I loved the smell and would of stayed there all day). I saw about 4 or 5 bags of disposable diapers against a wall in sizes 2 and 3 (funny how the diapers were the most prominent thing in the room to me!!).

Another room was for a little older kids with fun beds like racing cars and a great big bunk bed set. In a corner of the large walk in closet, which had tons of kids clothes, were two bags of diapers. I could only see the size of one and it was size 6.

The last room was for the oldest ones with just twin beds. I was "disappointed" that I didn't see any diapers in that room, but as we were leaving the room there was a trash can in the corner and I could see an empty Pull-ups bag in the can. My heart skipped a beat, having found diapers in every room. They must have a lot of "wet" grandchildren.

I had an enjoyable afternoon.