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Thread: The word "diaper"

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    Question The word "diaper" I am a gay male who is going into my second year of marriage and my husband is very aware of my fetish. He does not wish to partake, due to a previous relationship with an ABDL that did not go so well, but that is ok with me. He is supportive, but does not want any part of it. I have only ever let him see a few photos of me when we first started dating. Other than that...he knows my stash is in the house...but not necessarily where it is. I do not wear when he is home...and he is perfectly ok with that. We have begun seeing a therapist for some other issues and as part of it, I have slowly started being a little more open about stuff like this. For example, he is aware that I am participating in the Bambino design contest right now and is very supportive. He looked at what I am working on and was very sweet and encouraging about it. My issue comes from actually talking about much so that even the word "diaper" makes me get embarrassed. He said that I shouldn't be, but I am. Is this the case with anyone else?

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    For the longest time it made me embaressed and a little scared about veen saying like if I ddi the whole world would find out you know, and that was as little as a year ago. Now it does'nt effect me as much cause I kind of conquered it, but I still get a little embaressed when somone I know that knows about my diaper side brings it up. But thats verry verry rare.
    Hope this helps.

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    Years ago, I read something to the effect that 'diaper' was actually derived from the French 'de Yprees,' meaning 'from Yprees,' where diapers supposedly originated.

    Perhaps you could blame your plight on the French. In fairness to them, however, I don't find 'nappy' to be much of an improvement.

    The French word for diaper, 'couche,' is seldom used as a verb. Neither is 'nappy.' I've come full circle over the past several decades, and now prefer 'diaper.' Took some getting used to, but there you are.

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    To me, diaper is just a word describing an item you wear as underpants to contain urine and poop. I've had better luck with people at medical supply stores understanding me better when I say Diapers than protective undergarments or briefs.

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    I had a much harder time with it when I was younger, my wife and I used 'code words' instead of saying diaper. For both of us, it was a little bit of an embarrassment to admit someone my age should still need diapers. Now, after years of dealing with them, it doesn't bother me in the least. I was actually in the hospital a few weeks ago (week long medication therapy for my headaches) and I was asked about restroom use and I let them know I had incontinence issues, the nurse asked me what I used to deal with it. She was pretty surprised when I flat out said 'diapers' because most people have such a big hangup over it.

    TL;DR being comfortable with saying it just takes time.

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    Personally, It feels awkward to say 'diaper' aloud. But at the same time, it can also be very liberating in certain situations.

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    I'm in a very similar situation as tobdy1986, with a LTR boyfriend who is not at all into diaper play, but he's 100% accepting and supportive. He has no problem saying the "D-word" at all, and when he does I stammer and look embarrassed. I'm pretty sure he sometimes does it on purpose, just one of his ways of giving me the subtle public humiliation that he knows I crave.

    I find it really hard to say it out loud, even in totally vanilla conversions. It's such a loaded word (no pun intended) for people like us who grew up fascinated and obsessesd with diapers. Everytime I see the word in print it stands out like it was highlighted, everything I hear the word it's twice as loud as any other word. And if I say "Diaper" aloud, it feels like I'm going to reveal myself by how awkwardly I deal with the word. It reminds me how I felt as a closeted teen, anytime the subject of homosexuality came up.

    Like Analog RTO mentioned, the more you say it, the less uncomfortable it is, until it's just another word. For myself, I'm happy to keep it special and rare. I generally refer to diapers as "Padding" or maybe "Nappies", and reserve the actual "D-word" for special occasions. I like that the word still makes me blush, I like the tiny thrill that I get every time I type it!

    Diaper. Diaper! DIAPER!!

    Cheers ;-)

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    I pretty much am the same way. When I first told my boyfriend about this side of me he started listing off abdl terms and supplies to confirm that he understood what we were talking about and I just couldnt help but cringe and feel embarrassed as he went through his list. Like its just taboo to say diapers when not related to actual babies or medical issues.

    Silly and annoying but I guess it just takes time to get used to it though i dont know if ill ever get used to it xD

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    I had trouble saying the word when I first came out to my wife. I think she had more trouble saying the word than I did, but now we both say it comfortably. In fact, last week she said I should on Saturday, wear my baby shirt, bib overalls and diapers. Yeah, you bet I did!

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    I know I used to have a ton of trouble saying the word, and to a certain extent, still do. For years, when my ABDL desires were all kept to myself, I pretty much wore, found this site, and other ABDL stuff while rarely saying the word at all. So because of how infrequently I said it and all it was connected to, it felt EXTREMELY weird to just flat out say "Diaper". After meeting other ABDLs, it doesn't have quite the same awkwardness. Honestly, at this point, it feels far weirder to say the word in a vanilla medical setting than in an ABDL setting thanks to the fact that the word means far more to me than most other people.

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