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Thread: How to make a start.

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    Default How to make a start.

    I am disabled as you know and prity much depend on others for nearly everything. I long to have a baby bottle at night in bed but how can I possibly arrange this. I am put to bed at night and am there no matter what until my care worker arrives the next morning. I could buy a bottle this morning when I am at the doctors but what's the point I would need help to sort it out. I do have baby type cups with lids on but I would love to suck on a teat.

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    I recommend that you buy the teat online. It comes with the latex teat and the screw on ring that holds it onto a bottle. You can also buy the bottle online at the same time. You can buy the setup from BabyPants on Amazon. They sell a Nuk 5 style teat that is big enough for an adult. You have to make your own hole in the teat so that the flow is to your liking. They are a reputable seller on there. As for the rest, I'm not sure. I'm sure there are some people on here who can help you try to figure out the rest.

    I agree with you wanting to have a bottle, they are therapeutic and it's nice to doze off while drinking from a bottle. I don't recommend that you do it before bed too often because of cavities.

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    You can ask for this to be in your care plan.

    I would get a bottle and tell who ever is going to put you to bed that you need to have it so you got a drink in bed with you.

    Remember you are the service user "I heat that phrase." But you should be telling them how you won't to live your life.

    Not them telling you how they think you should live. Yes it not age appropriate. But it's still your choice.

    Let us know how it goes.



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