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    Ive recently started wearing diapers a lot more. Like near 24/7 more. My boyfriend doesn't have a problem with me wearing diapers all the time, but since I've started wearing a lot more, I've also started being little a lot more too. He's my Daddy so my boyfriend doesn't have a problem with me being little, but he wants to have big time with me as well and i want to find an equalibrium too. Any advice on how to balance being little and being big?

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    P.S. I want to try and do this while still wearing diaper, but am willing hear any advice, including limiting my diaper wearing.

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    Limiting your diaper wearing is the obvious one, but let's skip obvious and be more creative instead.

    One thing might be to just give it some time. Since wearing more often is a recent change for you, you might still be going through an excitement period where every time you notice the diaper and have a chance to play, you want to get into being little. If your boyfriend is willing to be tolerant for a couple weeks, you might wear yourself out and start being interested in some more big time.

    Another thing might be to discuss with him a signal between the two of you that he wants some big time. He sounds like he's doing a lot for you and you want to do stuff for him too, so creating a sign or signal that says "okay, it's time to be big now" will be a good way for you to get in the right mindset.

    Yet another thing might be to try and be more structured about it. Maybe write up a schedule, like a promise to be big during certain times or to only be little during certain times. You could do it for yourself or the two of you could do it together.

    And a last thought is that maybe you can incorporate some of the little stuff into being adult. Here it would be good to know a bit more about what your boyfriend is looking for so I can give better advice. But off the top of my head, things like watching a mature show together even if you're in footies with a plushie, or carrying on an adult conversation while drinking from a bottle are perfectly fine. And I suspect what he's looking for isn't so much that you drink out of a particular glass or wear a particular garment, but rather he wants to do adult activities together, right?

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    I'd say that in order to find the right balance, you need to find out what's the wrong balance first. We've all experienced the "wrong" from being adult for too long, but for many of us there is also a "wrong" from being little too long. Plus, if you are in a relationship, you have to coordinate your own balance with your partner's. Essentially you need to be open to recognizing when it simply feels wrong or when your boyfriend sends signals that it might be too much, and adjust accordingly. The key to the whole thing is that both of you must feel comfortable in this situation, so self-awareness and communication between the two of you are vital.

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    Start by sitting down and having a conversation with your boyfriend, ask him what his idea of the perfect balance would be and be honest with him about your desires to be little more. To be honest you'll probably find it's a bit of trial and error initially especially as you've only just started wearing diapers a lot more etc fairly recently. As with all relationships communication is the key just keep talking with him and hopefully you guys will work out the perfect balance. Maybe you could try scheduling in specific times of day when your going to be little and specific times when your big.

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