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    So I'm going to a comicon and I've had the cosplay (costume) that I'm going to wear from before I started wearing diapers regularly. The costume is pretty modest. The only thing I'm worried about it the skirt. The skirt goes down to just above my knee and it is slightly layered on the outside so it hides the bulge all around, but I'm not sure about it's length. Are there any tips on what I can wear under the skirt to hide my diaper if I decide to wear one? If I wear one, it would most likely be either an abena m4 or a molicare super plus. I am willing to wear a depends, but would almost rather wear regular underwear

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    Go for broke, put on the thickest u have and wear it with confidence. Everyone will be hunting down joss whedon anyway, no one will notice (or care).

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    I just don't want to do anything inappropriate, like accidentally flashing my diapers and making people uncomfortable. Even when wearing regular underwear I wear at least a pair of shorts. So I guess I just don't want to have to worry about my diaper showing as much. Any advice?
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    Wear your diaper with compression underwear or shorts underneath. This would not only make the diaper less noticeable, but would also eliminate any suspicion if someone catches a glance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandychan View Post
    The skirt goes down to just above my knee
    That sounds completely safe to me?

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    I agree with disneygeek, compression shorts help. Not only does it reduce the bulge of the diaper, it also makes it feel more snug.

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    If you can work any kind of leggings or tights into the equation, that should help conceal sound, sight, and sag.

    When wearing a costume, you want to avoid as many changes as possible for fear of messing up the costume itself. So don't cheap out, wear quality protection. With that said, don't hold off to the point of possible leaks & rashes. Use powder!

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    agree with the "use quality diapers" while in costume. Even a custom all in one will cost as much as a few cases of diapers to replace. And you want to limit the washing to make them last longer. So don't let them get trashed.

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    You could always dress as Angelica Pickles and claim it as part of the costume if seen.

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    Alright, I think I'll switch the thigh highs with either full leggings or tights and I'll see if I can find some compression shorts

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    Also, I think I'll go with either an abena or I might break out an Abu space diaper

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