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Thread: Messing in the car, smell?

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    Default Messing in the car, smell?

    Has anyone ever had an issue when messing a diaper in the car or messing then getting into a car, does the smell stay in the car? Can you not really smell it at all? Would it some into the seats?

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    The best fix I've found for unpleasant odors is flushing them out with moving air. Cars are tailor made for this. The one time I had a messy diaper in my car (not even mine, not that there's anything wrong with that), having the windows down for a few minutes while moving took care of any lingering smell after clean-up.

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    I've only done that a couple times in the car, and yeah, the moving air takes the smell out. The last two vehicles I've owned have leather seats, so that eliminates a lot of lingering odors. It's more likely cars eventually smell just from people sitting and being in them.

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