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Thread: Pooing in pants

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    Default Pooing in pants

    Who has ever pooed there pant without a diaper or plastic pants

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    Occasionally, however It's a pain to clean lol

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    I poo in my pants about once or twice a month,have forever, clean up is not really a big deal. I cannot tell anyone why I get enjoyment out of doing it but when I get that urge to poop in my pants I know that I will do it as soon as I can find the privacy. I most often will do it while driving home and know that I'll have the time for the cleanup when I get home. I have no idea what I'll do if I ever get stopped by the police in that condition , usually am also wet before starting the mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minecraftgoodnites View Post
    Who has ever pooed there pant without a diaper or plastic pants
    Quite often, especially in my younger days. It's how I started out before I found Diapers :3
    Prefer to be wearing white baggy/loose Y fronts. I buy them from the discount store for $2 ea and either bin them or wash if the damage isn't too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamberpot View Post
    I have no idea what I'll do if I ever get stopped by the police in that condition
    Likewise for me , I'm in a diaper when I go potty in my pants though. Prob just say I've got IBS and on my way home XD

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    Years ago by accident, but now I am diapered 24/7 so it's not an issue any more if it happens fortunatly it only happens once a month or so since I have been dealing with my bladder issue.

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    Once when I was about 12 I pooped a tiny bit in my pants; I'd been experimenting with wetting and decided to give the other option a shot. Must not have cared for it much as I didn't do it again. Nowadays I am starting to mess my diapers however.

    By the way OP, seeing you're new and this is your first post, you might want to head over to the Introductions forum so you can tell us more about yourself.

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    I do sometimes in my underwear before I have a shower. I'll do it on purpose, and usually stand in front of the mirror and watch it happen, then I'll hop in the shower leaving my underwear on, and gradually wash them out.

    I'm not a fan of the clean up, but I enjoy the sensation.

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    I looked around and could NOT find Pooh in pants anywhere...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I accidentally pooped the bed once when I had the flu, from now on when I get sick like that I always wear to bed.


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    On occasion, I've pooped underwear while taking a bath. But that's about it.

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