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Thread: Missing clothes. >_<!!! Damned Siblings, Help!

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    Default Missing clothes. >_<!!! Damned Siblings, Help!

    Well, recently as you've all heard, my parents and siblings have moved, leaving me behind with my grandfather and my uncle. While this is all and dandy, I still have a problem. I'm MISSING MY CLOTHES!

    Now, this has been going on for a looong time before they moved, but now it's getting into my nerves.

    There's a certain article of clothing of mine, my sweatshirts. You touch my hoodies or my zip-ups and you get your fingers broken. But no, I have one of those siblings who wears my f-cking stuff all the time. Usually when I see him wear it, it's the last time I ever see it again.

    Let's roll back to Christmas. My father bought me *$175-220* worth of sweatshirts and sweatpants. I got 3 zip ups and 3 hoodies, then 2 pairs of sweatpants.

    Let's get back to today, now I currently have NONE of my zip ups and only TWO of my hoodies. Oh, and my one pair of sweatpants just recently went missing.

    Now, onto this sibling whom needs to get the shit kicked out of him. When he wears my shit, I get pissed. When I get pissed, I yell. So, I yell at the twerp. Then from across the room comes my mother's voice, which as always, says "don't worry about it, he's not going to run off with it". WELL WHATYA TAP-DANCING-F-CKING-RABBIT-KNOW.

    Here's my theory. He wears my stuff, takes it to school, wears it --> takes it off, leaves it somewhere and forgets about it, then when he remembers he doesn't give a f-ck because it's mine, not his, so no loss on his part. And that, right there, pisses me the f-ck off. I'm out all that money in expensive clothing now, and I haven't told my father but I plan on telling him pretty damned soon.

    Now, I have no proof that this is what's going on, but the jigsaw puzzle was pretty easy to put together. The best part? It's going to be my fault for not "taking care of my stuff". Yeah, you know the whole "talk" about taking care of your stuff. But alas, it's *NOT* my fault because if you know my mother, you know her psyconess. So, when she ties my hands and lets that f-cktard run off in my clothes I have no power to stop it.

    I'm pissed at everyone really, and most of all myself. It's a terrible feeling not knowing where your precious items are after they're purchased for you by someone who worked really hard for a long time to buy you them. I mean, there's my sweatshirt. Just one there, and instead of safely in my closet or in my dresser no, instead it's either in a bag off to GoodWill (school collects clothing that's 'lost'), a landfill, in a street somewhere, or in a hobo's wagon. And THAT is a terrible feeling.

    Rant over (unless I edit and add more!!). Now I need some feedback; what do you think I should do to resolve the issue? I really need my clothes back, what's the best course of action to hunt them down (if at all possible)?? RIght now my only way of thinking about this is to tell my father and have him lay the beat-down on the runt and see what becomes of that, but that can go multiple ways and some of them end with me being the target, so I'll leave the rest to you. Help!

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    You need to explain to your mother why you are so upset, and if she still takes your brothers side, then you beat him until he tells you where the clothes are. Ensure that your mother is not around before you put the beat down on him.

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    It doesn't make sense to do anything about it right now because you're angry. Anger doesn't allow anything sensible to happen in your brain. For the outcome to be in your favor, or as much in your favor as it can be, you need to wait till you're not as angry.

    When You're not quite so angry, calmly ask your brother for your stuff back and if he denys having it just walk away. If your dad gets mad at you for 'not taking care of your stuff' tell him you asked your brother to give it back. Tell him your mom said to let him wear it. What can you do? And don't forget to mention the rock and the hard place.

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    Just ask your sibling if he's seem em around?(Say you were wondering because you've gotten some of his laundry before)

    Don't make accusations, just makes people go on the defense, and you'll never get him to give em back then

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    Get a lock for your wardrobe so it doesn't happen again.
    I would beat your sibling up for the clothes though, just have a harsh chat.

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    That's why I'm happy about my body: No one could ever fit in my clothes (I'm too tall and skinny)

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    I had this same problem with my brother growing up with pretty much everything I owned. My brother would go into my room while I wasn't home and took anything from clothes to my Gameboy, Discman, Stereo, Games, etc. My brother was bad for taking my stuff and then when he was done with it he would "lend" it to his friends, but he would never ask for it back, so he was pretty much just flat out giving it to them. Most of the time he would deny even taking the item, unless it was obvious that he did because he was wearing or holding the item.

    I used to yell at him a lot about it, and that never got me anywhere. If anything it made the problem worse. Eventually one day when I cought him with something I decided not to yell at him, instead I told him if he wants to borrow anything just let me know and I'd likely lend it to him as long as I didn't need it. Naturally after this talk he didn't start asking to borrow anything, he kept taking things when I wasn't around.

    After that though, when I'd ask him if he borrowed something, that was really important that I get back, he'd usually give it back, or atleast tell me where it was if he didn't have it. It was important to use the "borrowed" word, not steal, take, etc, and I'd have to tell him I'm not mad and I just wanted it back or I wouldn't get anywhere with him. At first this only worked for stuff that I really needed back, like my last pair of pants for example. Slowly it started to work more and more.

    Everytime I came to him and asked if he "borrowed" something of mine, I would also remind him that I would prefer that he ask me before he borrows something, then I'd know where it was. Eventually after awhile he did give back most things he "borrowed" from me.

    What kind of freaked me out is that one day he actually did ask if he could borrow something, instead of just taking it. I didn't expect that to actually happen with him. It didn't keep him from wanting all of my stuff, but atleast it kept him accountable for the things he took.

    Your case is probably a little bit different than what mine was, since your no longer living with the rest of your family. But I think a lot of what happened with you and your brother is still similar to what happened with me and my brother. Even though it might kill you inside, I think you should calmly tell him that your not mad and that you just want to know what happened with your clothes. If he does tell you what happened to them, then you could ask him if he still has any of them and that you would like them back.

    If he happened to give them to friends like my brother did, then you could ask him if he could try to get them back for you since they are expensive to replace. With my brother I had to explain to him in depth why I needed a lot of my stuff back, because he refused to think about it from my perspective, not just his. So you might want to think up as many reasons that you can why you need your clothes back as you can before you talk to him, even if there isn't very many reasons.

    How old is your brother? my brother was about 15 when I finally started to get through to him, so maybe some maturity was starting to set in. Whatever you do though, don't start yelling at him and demand them back because you'll probably get nowhere with him if you do. With my brother I was able to get some of the stuff back that he "lent" to friends after I asked him calmly, though I never did get all of it back.

    If you still don't get anywhere with him, or he can't get them back because he just ditched them somewhere then you should probably talk to your Dad. If nothing else you might at least get a confession out of your brother. If you ever live with your brother again, you might also want to get a good lock for your room if your parents let you. My parents didn't let me get a lock that can't easily be picked with a Q-tip, which sucked.

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    Lock your door, and put something that your sibling is allergic to in your clothes. Hives should keep him from wearing your hoodies again.

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