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Thread: Support group for ABDLs hurt, rejected, or persecuted for being who they were.

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    Default Support group for ABDLs hurt, rejected, or persecuted for being who they were.

    I do not know many topics dedicated to ABDLs who either were discovered unintentionally or revealed themselves to those whom they thought they trusted only to receive negative reaction but I wanted to see if that was doable here. I thank the Good Lord Above that I do not fall in that category myself of those who got negatively reacted to but how many out there have such stories? Please post them here.

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    You know my story. I was in college and came home because my parents were having company for dinner, and I was to have dinner with them. Things had become very difficult in my life. My college had made me live off campus because they thought I was a danger to the student body because I was gay. It was my senior year and I was preparing my senior recital. This was 1970, Kent State shootings which were soon to put us on strike. I was always high on pot, at least at night. I got my work done during the day and early evenings, and I did it well.

    So I drove the 50 miles home and as we started to have dinner, I started crying and couldn't stop. I excused myself and went to my room. My mom came up to see what was going on. I couldn't really tell her but she knew. I was having my second psychotic break, the first having happened when I was in 7th grade when my parents went bankrupt. I returned back to college because I desperately wanted to finish, get my degree, graduate and get the hell on out of there.

    Once I was back in school, my mom searched my bedroom, which was the attic of the house, and found not just my diapers, but gay porn. More than one thing was out of the bag though I'm sure she guessed about my homosexuality because I only brought my boyfriend home from college, and I spent my summers with the boy who lived down the street. After the big and horrible confrontation, she made an appointment for me to see a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility outside Princeton. It was scary, sitting in the waiting room knowing that soon I would have to talk about wanting and wearing diapers, wetting them and acting like a baby. Worse was the homosexuality topic because it was an illegal act in 1970 and could get you either put away in a mental institution or worse, jail. He gave me a suicide card because I had tried that on two occasions.

    I talked myself out of both options and managed to graduate. The hardest part about graduation was saying goodbye to people I loved. My SO was drafted into the army, Vietnam War, and my two male townie friends still had their school to finish, plus live their lives. One cried in my arms when I told him I was moving home. I guess he never thought about that happening. I still think about him.

    These are the things that significantly shape us and define us in ways that defy rational comprehension by ordinary, normal people. And I wonder, is anyone really ordinary or normal?

    A year later I would move 400 miles from home, meet my wife and start my family. Society had taught me it's lessons well, that you have to be normal. Still, I wear diapers and my wife loves and accepts me, so to hell with society. I love my wife and my children and are my blessing, I hope from God. But at night when I dream, I'm always back there, young once again, walking through classrooms and looking for those I once loved. I almost never find them and even when I do, it's but for a moment, and they always slip away from me.

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    I don't know about persecuted but I was a bit hurt when I got blackmailed about a year ago.

    So heres the story about a year ago I was working at a local gas station one of my younger relitives found out and decided to aproach me and tell me that if I did'nt buy him things that are illigal for a minor to posses that he would tell all of my friends and other relitives about my ab habbits. I told him that it was ok if he told everyone and that I did'nt care and procieded to tell him that if he did I would be forced to tell his parents and the parents of all his freinds parents about why he was comming forth with this knowledge and about the conversation we had just had. At that point I just turned around and walked away. We since have have pretty much burried what took place under the rug. I don't think that he told anyone but I really don't think that I will ever trully know untill I decide to tell all of my friends and family.

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    I'm not sure what this could really be considered as, but here it goes.

    Being the last (adopted) kid in a family with five other kids, where the oldest three were 8 years older and the closest ones being 4 years older, I really was seen as the baby of the family. I was adopted, as my mom puts it, a mere couple seconds after I was born. I was her pride and joy. Although purely mute until the age of three with some learning disabilities, I eventually learned to finally talk and properly walk, and boy oh boy, was it annoying for my siblings. For me, having two older JOCK brothers, it was somewhat relentless. Being harassed at the age of four onwards for being the baby of the family, being wedgied, even locked in a cage at one point for their sick amusement when my parents were out. My mom finally taught then better and afterwards came to me and said "you can act as old or as little as you want, cause you'll always be my little one." Well, I was not the brightest and took this seriously. Age six, stole a diaper from my friends house. He also liked to wear diapers until his parents "fixed" him *shudders*. Anywho, I got caught wearing it one day and all I said was I like wearing them. One month later, my best buddy was still bedwetting, and because of how upset he was, I wore one of the pull ups as well during the sleepover. Fast forward half a year, I became an uncle to my first nice. It was a big step up in my responsibilities, especially since me and my family practically had to raise her for a year. When she was three, not only did she have a two year old brother now, but also my parents delivered a devastating statement to me "You can't act like a little kid anymore, you have to set an example." I once again took this seriously, but it crushed me. Gone was my fun loving ways, in was the party pooper most of my grade school classmates, and later high school classmates, had to put up with. About freshman year I was caught by my parents, due to search history, looking up diapers. They called me "sick", "freak", and "abnormal", and even threatened me with a psychiatrist visit, along with already banning me from the computer for a month. They never let me explain. Fast forward to my junior year spring vacation. We went to Florida and my parents had the nerve to make these statements "You need to liven up some" "when did we ever say to not be yourself?" They knew when it happened. Following month I buy my hippie bag, my parents tried talking me out of it and I said "What ever happened to just be yourself?" Ever since I HAVE been myself, just in the seclusion of the basement or of my dorm when my roommate is out for the weekend.

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