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Thread: Vintage 1986-1994 ultra attends plus diapers!!!!

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    Default Vintage 1986-1994 ultra attends plus diapers!!!!

    Hello everyone I just had to post this but I was looking on Craigslist for adult diapers well this person responded back to my message to their ad well he told me they were attends well little did I know that they were vintage attends when I got there and seen them I had to have them even more I got a whole case 72 count for $20 never been opened and he's got 3 more cases of them I'm going back for them when I have more money has anyone had any good experiences like that 😄

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Nice, you could easily sell those for $100 a bag on eBay.
    I'm keeping a couple cases and they're not in bags they're bulk cases like all in one bag but they're so thick

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    i bought some vintage early 90s molicares a few years ago from a seller on ebay who lived nearby. the plus in collecting in them in person was that i could pick the best as stuff like dispies don't fair well in our weather. still, they pong a bit when straight out of the pack and have to be aired for a couple of days before use (on a radiator works). the seller had two different types (the familiar blue and a white-with-blue-pinstripes), but both are equally awful for absorbancy

    back in the 90s, i used to trawl the charity shops as some would often get donations from the makers and, if you got the right dope, you could dupe them into selling a couple of packs.
    sometime before i got into doing that, one of the greengrocers in the village shut down and his former shop spent a short while as a 'liquidated stock' shop. this one time, they had in a basket outside, containing several packs of Mollies (small), advertising them as 'bedwetting nappies' and they really quite cheap (much cheaper than you'd get elsewhere, but you couldn't get them anywhere, anyway). i snapped-up what was in the basket at the asking price and took them home (i was working around my dad's daytime sleep, as he worked nights); they had loads more, but i was on a tight budget. having secreted them away and feeling good and still adrenalized, i thought about the rest and of how this was a one-time gig. i went back down to the shop, waited to see the gaffer and then negotiated the price down with him for the rest of his stock. being bulky items, he wanted rid off them a.s.a.p.
    i ended up skint, but with a bedroom stocked to the roof. i got them sometime in the Spring, wore them nearly all the time, everywhere, and it was around Fall that i was starting to get some more room in my bedroom so that i didn't bother wearing one to the cinema, with friends. naturally, i nearly wet myself whilst watching the film (caught it just in time; only a few drops came out ).

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    I had a stint of buying some old bags of adult diapers a few years back. I had quite the collection going!

    Unfortunately, upon moving out I had to severely minimize my stash. There was a month there where based on my choice of diapers, you would have thought it really was 1988-1994.

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