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Thread: Sleeping In a Messy Diaper

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    Cool Sleeping In a Messy Diaper

    I love messing my diaper before going to bed and sleeping in it X3
    What about you guys? Tell me your stories

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    I always sleep in a soaking wet nappy but never a messy one.

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    I've been afraid to try it due to the risk of a painful rash and uti as aswell as the fact that the smell tends to stick to everything.

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    I like to sleep in a dry or slightly wet diaper and wet in the middle of the night and/or the morning. Messing isn't my thing especially sleeping in it all night.

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    I've never slept in a messy diaper and frankly, I'd rather not. I don't like to mess often. However, I'm okay with sleeping in a wet one.

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    I've never slept in a messy diaper and don't really want to. I don't like to mess often because the cleanup is less convenient than with just a wet one. I'm okay with sleeping in a wet diaper though.

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    I tried it once, and I really didn't like it. I'm glad that you like it, but I honestly wouldn't recommended it to other ABDLs. It does not feel good in the morning.

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    I did it once or twice and the feeling was so great. But was hard to fall asleep, because it was so exciting. The cleanup in the morning however was really annoying, so I don't do it regularly and I also don't like the smell in my apartment afterwards

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    I think an afternoon nap in a messy diaper is a healthier alternative to sleeping in one the whose night.

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    I'd never, because rash, mess, smell, skin damage, and the very good chance of an infection.
    Wet is fine, actually very comfortable for me. Oatmeal in the diaper has helped me with a skin rash.

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