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Thread: Why are people dicks?

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    Default Why are people dicks?

    So I woke up this morning to hear that someone had firebombed my brothers ex partners house while my 7 month old nephew and his autistic older brother slept. Thankfully everyone is alright but what kind of low life scum would do this.

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    Who the @&$€ knows... some 'people' (I use term loosely here) just have no basic respect for anything or anyone. Sorry for your family, they must really frightened.

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    I hope everyone is ok and the police are actually looking into it.

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    Thanks guys,

    thankfully everyone is alright, thankfully my nephew has been slipping in his room and not with his mom or it I think it would be much much much worse.

    Hopefully they have a bit more urgency and have a bit more to go on, because it is likely to be the "person" who has tried to set their fence and fire.

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    So far they are,

    Nephew was back in hospital earlier because he was wheezing doctors said he was ok, but you just don't know if it's his cold or smoke inhalation

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    News article on the Incident... Hope I'm allowed to link it.

    Thank god this didn't happen a couple of months ago when my nephew would have been sleeping in the bedroom.

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    Yikes. Really disturbing that someone could dislike them that much without them even knowing. Of course there could be things they're not saying, and good reasons for not saying them.

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    Might be an extreme, but if I knew who it was who did that, well lets just say an ironic punishment would be coming their way. When it comes to the concept of revenge, I go only for that one person, no "area of damage" none sense since it can harm others. Just one good solid scare or punch and a walk away.

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    That's so heartbreaking and absolutely terrifying. I will keep your family in my prayers.

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