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    Default Adult sippy cup

    Anyone see this? It's supposed to be for hangovers but it looks like an adult sized sippy cup. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to get the graphics off of it.

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    That looks awesome. I would just cover up the alcohol related imagery on the front with a sticker or something.

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    It is super easy to get graphics off: warm water and the kind of cleaner you use for ceramic stoves

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    The description says:

    "Using the technology perfected over centuries by tiny, needy toddlers, we've designed an adult-sized sippy cup for the times you're just too fragile to be vain about these things. "

    So they know EXACTLY what they're selling. Hehe.

    I believe you can usually get those types of graphics off by using nail polish remover. When I used to make custom My Little Ponies that's what we used to get the symbols off of the vinyl.

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    It's interesting to say the least but I don't think that I would get it I prefer bottles instead.

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    I have three toddler sippy cups and I really like them. One is a Tec the Tractor from the Babyfirst company. Besides, babies shouldn't be getting that drunk though I started drinking beer when I was 8 years old. My mom's side of the family was German, so.....

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    I have the Nalgene Grip 'n Gulp cups.. work fine for me, and come in nice, plain colors (not a fan of graphics, either.)

    The neat part is that the sippy top fits on top of the 24oz and widemouth bottles, as well. Looks funny, but does fit.

    Best prices are on Amazon:


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