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    Hi y'all,

    So I'm going to my area's big mall on Friday or Saturday and I desperately want to stop at the toy store in there. It's huge and it's awesome(though I forget the name of it but I digress). The problem is that every time I go to shop for a toy I feel extremely self conscious and feel like everyone's eyes are on me, even if they're not...I think it's because my parents abused me and my PTSD because of that I feel like everyone wants to hurt me. I've just now started to accept my ABDL lifestyle and still feel a bit of shame. Anyone have advice on how to overcome the nervousness? I only get to go to the big shopping center or get to go out for fun once in a while so I really wanna be childish(see Zootopia, go to every toy department, get ice cream and try like hell to hide the diapers in my purse, lol.) so I guess this is a big step in my journey: to shop in the toy department without shame.

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    Not a super helpful answer but, I feel like it's gonna be much the same as how a lot of people get when buying diapers in stores. Aka doing it a few more times and hopefully coming to the realisation that people really aren't interested in what others are buying. Not really much you can particularly do about it other than, well 'practise'.

    The way I like to think of it, is as much as it feels like all eyes are on you, think about it the other way around. Have there been many times when you've looked at what other people are buying and taken enough notice of it, or have you even looked at all nevermind processed what they have? Generally it's few and far between. There's even a word that's semi-appropriate for this: sonder.

    I know the nervousness sucks, done the whole buying diapers in store thing myself on a couple of occasions, but after the fact I've always thought back and realised it really wasn't too bad at all. Go have some fun!

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    He's right. Believe it or not, people are not looking at you. And even if they are, they're strangers. You won't likely see them again, and if you do, they probably won't remember the interaction, if one occurred. People are too self-centered/involved today to really be observant of things.

    Additionally, you are a girl, right? Girls buying Hello Kitty stuff, shopping in Toy Stores, at Build-A-Bear, etc, is pretty much normal now. You can get away with it far easier than your basement-dwelling neckbearded counterparts. Confidence is sexy. Do yo' thang!

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    Seeing the back story I can understand you situation.

    The thing I did with my PTSD is turn it on its head. It was easy in my case but understand it is going to be a lot harder in your case.

    Take small steps.

    first depersonalize your little and go in to shop for her.
    next go in and shop but if you feel that people are looking at you. Look back at them because they are in there also. Do not point a finger at someone, because there is 3 fingers pointing back at you.
    Next go in and do it for you!!!

    Keep talking to us and that too will help you gain self confidence.

    You Go Girl.

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    Hi!!! Breath deeply and make yourself believe that what you are doing is not wrong.

    Don't worry because No one cares about what you buy. You have the right as anybody else to buy whatever you want for yourself. Plus like someone said above, think that you are buying the things for someone else, a "niece" of yours for example.

    I went to watch zootopia. Omg!!! So funny, and I wasn't the only adult without kids in the room. So yeah
    Have fun !!!

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    Notice that the place is full of adults looking at toys and buying them. Nobody will question who they are for.

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    yea OK.
    Its a big step but the feeling of achievement you get will be amazing.
    you will need to push through anxiety and fear.
    I think to my self i am going to do this even if I do get told off. The thought of being told off for being naughty as a little can be appealing at times.
    but it really happens.

    really hope you have a great shopping trip and you get your self some cool toys to play with.

    Please let us all now how it went.

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    There are usually more adults in toy stores than kids. Usually the adults are buying birthday presents for kids in the family, they're going to assume you're also picking out a gift. Nobody will think you're weird, I promise.

    Alternatively if you get really excited about your purchase, it's acceptable to mention to the cashier that you collect toys as a hobby. I collected toys long before I was an ABDL and lots of people think it's a cool hobby when you tell them about your collection. Only once did I get someone ask if I still played with them (I said no, because well... I don't really play with the stuff I collect, don't want to get it messed up!)

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    Next Sunday I will be 58 years old.
    Yes, Autism and Cerebral Palsy guy is going to the Toys R' Us store in town to look at NERF Toy Guns.
    I have a large arsenal of them.
    I have collected toys for many years.
    Anyway, as a developmentally and physically disabled person who was abused in childhood, it did take a long time to accept myself and to come-out as an "Adult Baby/Little".
    Being a baby or little boy is the only way I can accept myself as a person.
    Yes, I am an adult with adult responsibilities, but I am both adult and child co-existing in the same body.

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    I say be yourself and don't worry about others its you that matters your not hurting anyone so have fun

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