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Thread: Heya - Katie here :)

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    Thumbs up Heya - Katie here :)

    I don't really know what to put...But i guess I'll just type and see what happens!
    I'm here to make new friends, express my opinion, have a laugh and everything in between! I'm a little but I don't have a little age and a lot of people say that's odd (I guess i just like to be regressed?) My favorite color is light purple and I adore they are so so so so SO SO cute...Uh.... I like pizza - That's also kinda bad as I'm a part time personal trainer... hehe

    And I'm out of things to say...

    If you want to know more about me my profile is pretty detailed so have a look ^.^

    Uh...Bai? xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwwwKatie View Post
    I don't really know what to put...But i guess I'll just type and see what happens! [...]
    Meets and greets, Miss Katie!

    I believe that we have time and place, for all that you're here for... and, likely more too! I think that a bit of odd just makes it better!

    I'll go have a look-see at your profile... I'm on my way out for the evening yet, others will be by shortly - to welcome you as well!

    I cant even think what to ask you at this time however, if you get bored or such... there's a sort of primer 'sticky' {link below in green} (like a template of ideas)... that you could go over... as far as what you might put here...

    It's not mandatory at all - yet could help...

    I'll stop prattling on now...

    Take care!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Enjoy your stay!


    Tutorial: 'Cheat Sheet' to a Great Introduction

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    Wow!! Thanks for the warm welcome I've never been called 'Miss Katie' Before but I think I like it! Thanks so much again! ^.^

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    Howdy and welcome to ADSIC. Hope you have a fun time in the forums.

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    Ello, Katie from a fellow Brit! Nice intro and profile -- I have to congratulate you on finding a mummy to play with! I've always been faaaaar too shy to ever reveal this side of myself to anyone "in real life". How did you meet? (If you don't mind me asking...)

    Anyway, welcome to the site! Hope you have a lot of fun here

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