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Thread: Finding diaper evidence. A funny mistake!

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    Default Finding diaper evidence. A funny mistake!

    Had a funny thing happen today. I got asked to go and help a female friend of ours move some stuff in her yard. She's in her mid 40s, as is her husband, but he works away. They have 3 kids living at home, eldest daughter about 22, younger daughter 19, and son of 14, none of whom were home.

    I arrived, and moved the items as per requested. Got my hands dirty, so I go into the bathroom to wash up, while lady friend makes some coffee. She has her own bathroom off her bedroom, so this is the one used by the kids. As is a typical teenage bathroom, it's a bit untidy, clothes and towels all over the floor, makeup etc on the bench.

    But what caught my eye was in the shower! There, scrunched up on the floor is a pair of translucent plastic pants!

    My mind goes into overdrive. There's no baby's or young kids here, so why are they here, and who do they belong too? Is one of the oldest girls or perhaps the son a bed wetter? Maybe they might have incontinence issues. Perhaps there's an adult/teen baby living in the house, and they've made a mistake and left their plastic panties behind!

    I had to know. Now because I know the kids are all very different in size, I thought I could tell if I held the panties up and checked the size. Making sure my friend was still in the kitchen, I eased the glass shower door open, leant in and picked them up! I gently unscrunched them to check the size......

    So that's what a medium shower cap looks like!

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    OMG lol.... I could see that coming a mile away hahaha.... crazy thing is I would have been in the same mindset.... of course everyone else in the world would not have even noticed the unobtrusive scrunched up object. Aren't we a weird mob really.

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    I know Ozbub. I couldn't believe how my mind just jumped to that conclusion. Anyone else wouldn't have looked twice, or thought anything but shower cap.

    But not me. I saw plastic knickers....*Facepalms

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    i bet the same thing would have happened to me lol, then again i havent seen plastic pants much except in pictures lol.

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    There may be some other unrelated medical thing going on . If you've had surgery or an injury, sometimes they want you to protect the site from water during a shower for awhile. In this case, the plastc pants may be to keep the INSIDE dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
    So that's what a medium shower cap looks like!

    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    OMG lol.... I could see that coming a mile away hahaha.... crazy thing is I would have been in the same mindset....
    Heheh. Yeah... And I'd have probably fallen victim to the same first impression had I been in that situation. I see diapers and diaper-related things in all sorts of more-ordinary household items. I'm particularly prone to thinking "cloth diaper!" whenever I see some white, particularly puckered-looking fabric. Mattress covers get me every time.

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    Hahaha, it also doesn't help that they now make showercaps in "fun" patterns too in some places. I guess that would be an easy mistake to make, though. Pretty sure they're made of the same kind of material, at least. :3

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    lol, too funny. I think we all could have thought the same thing.

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