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Thread: Would you obey a babygate?

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    Default Would you obey a babygate?

    I just thought of this but if you where playing and your mommy/daddy or caregiver put up a babygate would you obey it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueGrey View Post
    Sounds like a good part of the experience.
    I totally read that in linus' voice... lol...

    I wouldn't... but only when mommy wasn't paying attention

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    Just like my kids did. If you cant limb over it, work on pushing it down.

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    Humm. It would have to be Sisi Proof.

    As I would see it as a challenge. A bit like the time I was put in to a play pen.

    So much fun. Poor Daddy. I can be a bit of a naughty boy at times.

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    I'd probably set myself some kind of physical limitation. Like, if the latch is one of those really hard to open ones or high up, I wouldn't undo it and move it aside in a neat way. But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't still try to bypass it.

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    Me in baby mode is pretty content to sit and color or quietly play with toys, so I doubt I'd even notice it was there...

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    If I had a daddy and he did that.. I would probably act like a brat and get out of it, just to see how far I can push him because its funny.. I have a protective friend who wont let me out of his sight, so when he turns his back I like to see how far I can get just to wind him up because its funny..

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    In general I think that I would obey it but I am mainly sedentary in baby mode but if I could see myself getting out of it if I was ever in that situation.

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    I had a couple of baby gates up when our crazy dog was a puppy. They were so difficult to open that often I was trapped in our kitchen anyway. Bad dog!

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