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Thread: First Timer - Which Diaper?

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    Default First Timer - Which Diaper?

    Yay, my first non-introduction thread!

    Okay, getting back to business...


    So, here's the scoop; I am finally worked up enough to give wearing adult diapers a spin, something I have been wanting to do for quite a while now. Previously, mostly due to living conditions, I have been hesitant to act upon this urge to pad myself regularly. However, a recent burst of courage and desire has pushed me over the line, and now I feel I am ready!

    Anyways, as of this post I have already ordered my first sample package of diapers. It is a 2 pack of Bambino Bellissimos. I pulled the trigger before actually thinking hard about what to try first. This has me a little worried, because starting at the "higher end" of the adult diaper spectrum may not be the best idea, for practicality and financial reasons. Nevertheless, what is done is done, and I will have the delivery of my sample pack sometime next week.

    Now, assuming I do not end up being totally wrong about my expected love of wearing adult diapers (which, seriously, I so highly doubt I am wrong about it I'd almost bet my life on it) I am going to probably want to give more than just one kind of diaper a try, before I start ordering in bulk. That being said, I have very little idea of where else to start testing (other than the obvious first place, which is the Bellissimo sample pack I already ordered) and that is the purpose of this thread.

    I am looking for advice on what waters to test before deciding which diaper is best for me. I want to make sure I cover all my bases, and get some experience in with as many quality products as possible before committing to one. There are a LOT of choices from what I have seen, and chances are I haven't even looked into all of the options out there yet. Any time and money I can save by getting tips on what to try versus what to avoid ahead of time would really help me out. Here's what I am looking for in an ideal adult diaper:

    -High Capacity / Absorbency
    -Minimal amounts of "crinkles"
    -Durability and Flexibility
    -Comfortable / Snug Fit

    A couple other things to note as well; I am kind of a "big" guy, that is to say I am on the lower-ish end of Bambino's Large size (just to put it in perspective). I am looking for a diaper that will hold up to moderate amounts of regular/daily movements, both dry and when wet. I want to try and avoid making it SUPER obvious that I am wearing a diaper, although I realize it's not practical to expect to find a good diaper that is "invisible" when worn, so to speak. Also, I am not expecting to really ever have to deal with a "messy" diaper situation. My only desire to use the diapers I wear is through urination. The necessary clean-up associated with messing a diaper does not appeal to me, so that's a factor that should be considered.

    ANY tips, suggestions, advice, or anything else that you all may think help me in my adult diaper virgin search for the ideal diaper for me, PLEASE post!!! What are good kinds to start with? Are there any diapers to avoid in particular? Which diapers offer the best value versus performance? I can't possibly think of all the questions I could ask, so any and all information to help direct my endeavor would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for reading, and in advance for any replies!


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    true you cannot have high performance and capacity without getting more noticeable. Right now I think a lot would agree the abu space/simple/paws diapers are the best new thing going for performance and comfort. Bambino are good too, and have been around for quite awhile. You might look into Tykables Waddlers, they are a bit lower capacity but are thinner when dry, and slightly quieter, while retaining durability and comfort.

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    I have not tried alot of different diapers, but i would suggest the Tena slip active fit ultima based on what you're looking for. They hold alot, don't crinkle much (for being plastic-backed) and they fit very snug. They are very comfortable when you move around alot. They start out thin, but swell ALOT when wet, so they will be quite noticeable if they're wet in the back. If you can't get them where you live, i think you should try my favourite: Abena M4/L4 (plastic backed, i tried the cloth version and it was horrible). They hold alot, are very comfortable, but they are louder than the Tenas (still not noticeable under jeans). They are quite thick when dry, but not thicker than the Tena Ultima when wet. These are high quality diapers, and therefore quite expensive, but they work incredibly well at least for me. Molicare super plus is a good diaper as well, similar thickness and capacity as an Abena M4/L4. They are purple though, which you may not like. If you're worried about the noise, try wearing underwear over the diaper, it helps alot. Remember that there are thinner versions (For example Tena super & Abena M2/L2) if you want to be more discrete.

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    I am very much a 'beginner' too, having purchased my first diapers/nappies only a few weeks ago. I have started with a pack of Tena maxi slips (medium) as they were available at a local store. I have found them comfortable and effective, and would probably purchase again.

    However, I have always liked the 'look' of the Abena M4 diapers and purchased some of the plastic backed version of these on Amazon. I have only used one so far, overnight a couple of days ago and it has proved to be everything I hoped it would be - snug fit, comfortable, absorbent and, importantly in bed overnight, leak proof - although I did wear plastic pants just in case!

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    You can look in the Articles section of the forum for in depth diaper reviews.

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    10 years ago, the choices were so terrible. Today, there's so many different diapers to try. It's all an adventure in itself. The fun part is discovering new diapers and getting to see if you like them or not.

    The premium diaper market is huge these days. Especially the AB/DL lines. To tell you the truth, it's hard to find a bad one. There's so many different designs out there.

    Bambino wasn't the first AB/DL diaper, but it was the Cadillac of it's time. Today they aren't top notch these days, but they are still great. They have different levels of capacity, a few taping panel prints to choose from.

    Bambino has some stiff competition these days.

    ABUniverse as of right now is taking the podium, they have in my opinion, the best diapers. They have more capacity, the tapes work great, thanks to the taping panels you can get a nice snug fit. They are more creative than most.

    DiaperConn is also another up and coming company that has more gender specific designs. I haven't tried these personally, but I've heard great things.

    You also have Tykables, Rearz, and a few others out there.

    There's also non AB/DL diapers out there that have held the podium once upon a time.

    There's so many to try and experience. It's one of the fun things to do, is getting a diaper for the first time and getting to try them out.

    Yes, these things are quite expensive, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

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    Thanks for all the replies so far, guys! I really appreciate it :3

    I got my sample package of Bellissimos today, and so far having worn one for a few hours now, I really enjoy it! I haven't wet it yet - that will be a little later probably - but just putting it on and hanging around in it has been great. It fits me well, and is very snug and comfy. It doesn't really show too much under my usual daily attire either, which is a plus. And the crinkle is minimal as well, another plus for me. I hope it holds up to being well-used (I have a very active bladder, and when I have to pee, well... lets just say the quantity is often large) because if it does, this could be a strong contender for my regular diaper of choice!

    Obviously I have no prior experiences to compare it to, so chances are my reaction is a bit over-inflated, but even if it IS just the first timer rush, I still love it!

    It sounds like there are definitely more options out there than I have looked into already. You all have made some great suggestions, and I'll for sure look into each and every one of them, and give all these different diapers a try before I decide which is best for me. ABU will probably be my next target for testing; those newest diapers of theirs, the space ones (as well as the two aesthetic variations) seem intriguing.

    Maybe I'll keep this post updated as I get a chance to test different diapers, just as a little log of my endeavors.

    But anyways, thanks for all the feedback so far! Feel free to keep it coming, there's no such thing as too much good advice!


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    I would have went for bambinos for my first rrt too or snuggies

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    I actually like Northshore Supremes a bit more than Bellisimos. Northshores aren't very loud but they will bulge a good bit.

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