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Thread: Any classic children's video games you fondly remember?

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    Default Any classic children's video games you fondly remember?

    If this thread has already been covered feel free to direct me to it.

    Being interested in ABDL and Diaperfur stuff I remembered some of the children's computer games I played as a little boy. Most of these were Edmark games that were endless hours of fun. These include:

    - Thinkin Things 1 & 2
    - Sammy's Science House
    - Millie's Math House
    - Bailey's Book House

    Kidpix was another favorite.

    Luckily all of these kids games (exempting TT2) are on an old Macintosh computer that still works without flaw. Every so often I sit down and play these games for a few to relive those good old memories.

    My favorite of all is from Thinkin Things with the Fripple shop. I weeeeeeely want a fripple or a few to this day to take home.

    Any classic children's games that you fondly remember?

    If you would please keep it to games targeted to young children. There are other threads for adult games and the like.

    Until next time...

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    My favorite as a kid was this NES Game from Sesame Street
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Lets see,

    Oregon Trail
    Rock Raiders
    A series of Arthur school learning games
    Animal Crossing
    Lunar Lander
    Wrecking Crew
    Donkey Kong
    Mario Kart
    Mario Party

    Thats all I have for now

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    The only one I really remember that was more of a "children's" game, was the old Animaniacs game on the SNES. Don't think I ever got anywhere near completing it, seem to remember it being somewhat difficult.

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    I remember having a bunch of games published by The Learning Company: Math Blaster, Operation Neptune, some other one that was a bunch of mechanical puzzles, tons more that I can't remember any details from at all. I used to play those types of games like crazy, probably learned more from them than I did in actual elementary school assignments.

    Then I'm not sure how much it counts as a kids game, but for some reason playing Spyro on my friends ps1 when I was about ~10 really sticks in my memory.

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    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago, the game hidden in Encarta encyclopedia

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    Absolutely LOVED Pajama Sam (No need to hide when it's dark outside) recently was able to replay it on a mobile app too. Also had a classic Disney Hercules game that I always remember of fondly.

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    Does Diddy-Kong racing on the N64 count?

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    When I was 5 yes old I played Lion King on the Sega Genius and I still love lion king today <3 Disney movies

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    Diddy Kong Racing and Spider Man for the N64

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