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Thread: My parents found my diapers. The worst thing happened.

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    Default My parents found my diapers. The worst thing happened.

    Yesterday my parents found my diapers and other abdl stuff. They have decided it is reasonable to throw all of that stuff away (even though it was my property that I bought with my money). They also feel it is reasonable to threaten to kick me out on the street if I ever do abdl things again under their roof. I asked them if they considered where I would go or if I would survive, they said they hadn't and that it was my responsibility to think of that. And they feel that I am the one being selfish and not thinking about how they feel. I'm scared. I feel worthless, disgusting, unloved and I want to kill myself. What do I do? Are they right? Am I being selfish?

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    Firstly you need a hug well a virtual one anyway. Now, this is awful and I'm really sorry this has happened, but please don't hate yourself because of it. It is disappointing that their reaction was so freaked out, but try and realise that their anger is probably a reaction based on fear of something they don't understand, and that this has probably caught them completely by surprise.

    Try to relax and give it some time. I'm sure they love you very much, and they will get over their shock.

    I honestly think lay low for s bit, don't inflame the situation. Then take time to consider where to from here.

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    And this wasn't a complete surprise because I tried to tell them I was abdl a few years ago and they had a pretty similar reaction then.

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    Whoa, not nice. Actually, that's pretty brave of you. I could never tell my folks, I can't even imagine their reaction lol, but then I don't live there now anyway. Only my partner knows and that's about enough for me. Still, try and stay chill. There's always someone here to look after you. 😊

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    Sorry for your loss and your situation....

    That said, step back and take a look at it objectively.

    Isn't there a certain amount humor in it? Parents all think their job is to safely guide their offspring to a happy and prosperous adulthood, yet here you've surprised them with a u-turn and tried to go back up that one-way street. I imagine a frantic mom and dad in front of the sign waving their arms and yelling "No, no, one way! Go back!"

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    Your parents being [email protected]#ks. It's not like we have a choice. We are who we are. But instead of trying to understand it by having a objective mature conversation, they go & over react like a bunch of politicians!!

    Dude, you need to plan your way OUT of there. You're 19, sure. Very young. But if you're going to be living under duress & stipulation, you can only hope & dream of freedom, right? So concentrate on your career, financial stability, & searching for your own place. An apartment/flat or what ever. Just coz you like to role play back to infancy, doesn't mean you aren't a mature, grown up young man - in control of his future.

    Coz right now, your DB parents are doing 1 of 2 things: They are either looking up this kink online & trying to understand it. OR they are simply filling in the gaps with all the worst scenarios & wondering how they can "fix you". Oh what if he is a paedophile & likes small boys... oh maybe he is never going to like girls & settle down with a wife.. oh what if all his low grades & failures is due to this.. etc.
    Heck! You may even have the old "We think you should see a psychiatric" lark coming up soon! Yeh.. that'll REALLY teach you! lol Parents are so dumb! In which case agree wholeheartedly & take it as an opportunity to prove that you are not mentally ill! Its how you relax & unwind. Some would say that the whole WORLD is mentally ill by getting home & taking part in the fantasy of repeatedly killing each other with guns & knives a la Video Games! But does that make you a wretched killer in reality? NO! It's just because that is socially acceptable, & abdl isn't.

    People often do something completely opposite of their true self to unwind. This is no different. Yeh.. it's a little weird! But the term "weird" is a blunt term for "unique". And if we all lived as the same people, what a dull world that would be.

    And no.. they aren't going to kick you out. Do you really think they could SLEEP AT NIGHT with you on the streets?! lol Idol threats aren't going to utterly change your genetic make-up. And I doubt parting on bad terms is their preferred farewell either. Right now, it's a bluffing war. But you need to plot an escape to get the upper hand - and try to just leave on amicable terms. To show them THEY over reacted, & that you have a pretty normal life! Its a shame when a son has to show parents how to be mature!

    Don't beat yourself up about this. It's just unfortunate that they invaded your private space to deliberately find the worst in you or what ever. It can't be easy being parents though. Just be cool, calm & collected. And look forward to the day when you can be in your OWN place, & drown in nappies galore! LOL

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    Sorry for say it in this way, but I think your parents are selfish ignorants... Vainillas aren't mostly comprensive with our (or another strange) things. If you try to search for another stuff, put in under good lock. And when it'll be possible, move you out. Good luck !!!

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    It is never ok to not try to understand your kids. However, many people are very set in their ways and want their kids to be "normal". I'm sure they love you and just want to shock you in to quitting immediately. Unfortunately they are basing their reaction on ignorance. It's a huge shame they reacted this way, but know that you are worth way more than you currently think. They think they are doing this for love.

    You are way more interesting and open minded than your parents. Just get through the stage that you live under their roof and don't try to make ultimatums back. Hopefully they will calm down and discuss this with you, but if not, know life is a long journey and you will be able to do what you want when you move out.

    Good luck

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    Bummer. I'm sorry you're in that kind of situation. I don't love the "my way, or the highway" kind of response, but like Maxx said, there is a certain intuitiveness to a parent's shock and horror when it comes to these sorts of things. Rather than butt heads with them over this stuff--particularly because, at this point in your life, they may be doing you a favor by supporting you--I would suggest projecting a maximum of adultness during the remainder of your stay with them. Until you're out on your own and supporting yourself, they're likely to see an interest in baby things and diapers as a hurdle on your path to independence, even if we all know that's not necessarily (or even often) the case. Hang in there!

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