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Thread: What to wear, what to wear...

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    Default What to wear, what to wear...

    So I did some work on the cabinet in my bedroom...

    With the door closed. "Whatcha got in the cabinet?" "oh nothing...." "So why's it locked?"

    "Actually that's where I keep my underwear..."

    I labeled them all, sorry adisc squinted my text, you can probably still read it if you try:

    I have a fairly large variety of different kinds of diapers onhand, and the cabinet was getting kinda crowded with vertical stacks so I decided to go entirely sideways to fit more in and be easier to access. I added two more shelves and moved two more. Here's a few shots I took of the end result. This is a 28" wide, 5' high, 14" deep cheap (MDF) cabinet I got at the hardware store and added a lock on top.

    Down the left:

    Cushies (clothlike)

    Tena Slip Basic
    Tena Slip Maxi Cloth Wing

    Bambino Teddy
    Tena Slip Maxi Plastic
    Little Pawz

    Aben Xplus-4


    Down the right:

    Waddler Overnights
    Tighty Whities

    Confidry (medium)
    DCA Idyl

    ABU Space
    ABU Simple

    DCA Kittens
    Confidry (large)

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    Thats quite the collection there, I wish that I had that many diapers in stock that in something like that.

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    Aww I'm so jealous now, I wish I had a diaper stash like that.

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    That's a great stash! Something that would be awesome to have in the future.

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    I actually have quite a few diapers onhand. (too many maybe...) This cabinet is just down in my bedroom for immediate diapering. There's about a dozen open bags of "refills" in the closet, for diapers that I use frequently. I redesigned the cabinet so I'd have at least a couple of every type of diaper I have available, and to help me "work through" some of the diapers I don't plan on reordering. Diapers on the 2nd and third shelfs down I don't plan on reordering, so those are very casual use, I'm not worried about "wasting" them. Diaper on the two lower shelves I have a lot more of onhand, and will probably keep "in stock". My "main stock" is upstairs and almost fills a walk-in closet. Mabye a dozen mixed cases. (I try anything new that looks promising, and always bite on sales for diapers I like!) I'll bring down a few bags every week usually to keep the cabinet and closet conveniently stocked.

    But it's all open to change. The previous layout had 2 less (taller) shelves, with diapers stacked vertically. This made it tricky to get at diapers behind other diapers, hard to see what all was available, and didn't let me easily have "one of everything" in the cabinet. Considering how well I like the sdk2's, I'll probably be reordering those

    I added the two shelves by going to the hardware store and finding blank shelves over in the "assembled shelving" area. They're sold in generic lengths and widths and come in a variety of wood colors, and are laminated on all sides. So you have to measure your cabinet width and cut to length. (and possibly depth, but my cab was 14" deep and these were 12" shelves, so only one cut was needed) Rather than try to put holes in the inside for more shelf pins (which is very hard to get right), I just propped them up in place where they needed to go (after adjusting the other two shelves on their pins) and drilled pilot holes and dropped in 4 wood screws from the outside. Cutting was pretty easy, just measure cab width and used a skillsaw. Tricky part is getting the holes drilled, you need to be as close to exact as you can, you don't want to miss the shelf or arrive too close to the top or bottom. I used powerful magnets inside and outside so I could figure out exactly where the shelf was from the outside before drilling. You NEED to drill pilot holes in MDF before tapping in a wood screw or you'll crack the shelving when you drive in the screw. Of course since these shelves are screwed in place (non adjustable) you have to plan out where you need everything or what you'll still be able to adjust if needed down the road before doing it. You'll notice that bottom shelf is a bit tight on height Not quite what I intended. The shelf above really needed to be another 1/2 inch up. :P

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    Impressive bug I could never do that. I take an economy pack from the store and I'm done. Plus, I'm not good at descision making

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    Where did you get that cabinet? Did you make all of it? Looking around on some on craigslist and there's a decent amount of things that could possibly work like this. Though I'm not in the position for this now it's definitely something I would possibly look into once I don't have a roommate.

    Very impressive handy skills, it looks great.

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    This is similar to it, the middle shelf is fixed but the other two can be adjusted a bit for height. they're quite cheap, $54:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	k2-_a457eea6-4c98-43a9-8123-9210d69c5be7.v1.jpg 
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Size:	16.2 KB 
ID:	25657

    Get a couple of these spare shelves and cut to length, $7 each
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	211-5601-5631_P_CinnCherry.jpg 
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ID:	25658

    You'll need a 8 wood screws (1 5/8") and a drill to make the pilot holes to mount the two extra shelves. The drill with a wider wood bit to cut a hole in the top to mount the lock into.

    The lock will require getting a bit of metal and bending it into a "Z" shapen and attaching it on the upper corner of one door, and attaching a sliding latch on the other door so the one door holds the other.

    Cabinet lock, $10
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	049793099457.jpg 
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Size:	22.9 KB 
ID:	25659

    Bolt latch, $6
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	k2-_eac8608c-d37b-4c5c-afef-5723ccfee78b.v1.jpg 
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ID:	25660

    See my gallery for pics on setting up the lock and latch

    I'm nobody's idea of a woodworker or construction-type person, but I was able to handle this. It's pretty basic stuff. It's also a cheap yet rewarding project, and gives you some useful experience. If you can afford enough diapers to need a cabinet to put them in, well, this costs less than the average case of diapers to build.

    It's NOT a "security" cabinet, and would be pretty trivial to muscle into. The primary reason I put the lock on it was I get friends over from time to time that have their 6-7 yr olds tagging with them, and at that age, kids get into everything. That lock there is just enough to say "off limits", and enforce it well enough to deter the lil snoops. I want to know that I can have company over with snoopy kids without worrying about them wandering into my bedroom while we chat or watch some TV in the living room. It might be effective on snoopy parents too, but that would depend a lot on your parents.

    Oh and here's another nicer cabinet for about the same price, $54, but it may be smaller:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	k2-_26f0402a-0c60-41a2-a864-13296870c022.v3.jpg 
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Size:	18.2 KB 
ID:	25661 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	k2-_c4457515-3a21-4935-acf8-19ba8df75117.v1.jpg 
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    Nice collection!
    What is you favorite for day time and night time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    What is you favorite for day time and night time?
    Well as you might imagine, I like to mix it up a bit and keep it fresh. If I had to pick just one for overnight and just one for daytime (which includes at work) I'd go with ABU Little Paws for overnight and Snuggies original Waddlers for daytime. But I don't know if the regular waddlers are coming back, and there really isn't anything else like them available right now. (they have all the features of the best premiums, but with much thinner padding, perfect for wearing to work)

    So if you know of something like that, I'd love to hear about it. FYI, the waddler overnights / tighty whities are a bit too thick and get me sweating by quitting time, so I need something thinner than that. I'm also insisting on plastic shell, good leak guards (for skin separation) and front+rear elastic.

    (my alternate picks for overnight are the other varities on the ABU space, as well as the dc amores and the confidrys)

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