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Thread: Bulky Vs Thin Diapers.

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    Default Bulky Vs Thin Diapers.

    I decided to start this thread because I'm wondering what people prefer when it comes to diapers.

    I prefer bulky, as they provide padding for me, and are comfortable and hold a lot, what about you?

    Bulky diapers make me feel more little.

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    Thin usually means non-absorbent, unless it's going to swell up, which I would consider bulky. That being said, There is a place for both and I find that diapers with outrageous capacity tend not to be used to that capacity by me. I really like ABU's products but even when I really make every effort to get the full use out of them, I end up having to change before reaching that capacity, either due to needing to #2 (which I really don't enjoy doing if I can help it) or having to do something else. The ideal, then, is to be able to contain a lot, but not so much that you feel like much of it is going to waste if you have to remove it and can't wear it again.

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    I chose bulky. I like a bulky diaper at home, at night and whenever I can get away with it but I do prefer and use a thinner diaper in public most of the time.

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    Bulky for me I love them for home or public for two reasons.
    1# I just love the way they feel and make me feel.
    2# I would rather people see me in a thick diaper than have a big wet spot on my jeans because the thin ones could'nt hold out due to a single wetting I tested alot of the thin diapers at home and not one held for me but thats just me.

    Thanks for posting this it was fun.

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    Sure, Bulky feels great and at night I want as much bulk as possible. But my kids' pampers are super thin and swell up well and hardly ever leak. Why can't adult diapers be like that? I recently found the Molicare Premium Soft Super to be in the ultra thin category. They are so thin that I've worn them to work and really felt no different than with Depend Real Fit. And I had 28 oz of liquid in the one I weighed with no leaks.

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    The thicker the better is what I always say I like the extra padding and you can usually wet bulkier diapers more than thinner ones. Unless I'm trying a new brand of diapers or something I will almost always wear bulkier diapers. I remember wearing thinner diapers and wetting them and having pee run down my pants leg while talking to some family members and having to quickly excuse myself to clean up.

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    Bulky is awesome but think doe have its place. If you don't like wasting diaper capacity having some thin one around is good for when you don't have all day to play. And thin means more changes so if you are playing with a partner you get more changes.

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    Bulky for sure. The feeling of the diaper between my legs is one of the best parts of the experience.

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    I think there's definitely a middle ground where a diaper isn't so thin that it's useless, but it's also not so big that it makes you waddle. Molicaires fit into that category imo, as do the Abena M3's.

    That being said, I tend to prefer thinner diapers, though I like to be able to use them more than once if I can. I can't explain it, but they make me feel more little than the really bulky ones. Maybe the diapers that I wore as a kid weren't really all that bulky?

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