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Thread: Bedding and Decor

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    Default Bedding and Decor

    Ever since I moved into an apartment by myself, I've been having fun with letting my bedroom decor show more of my little side. I hadn't done much until recently; I got some cute dinosaur sheets online some time ago, but found out that they were the wrong size for my bed. The top sheet still fits okay though. Recently my caretaker was very nice and got me a super cute bedding set ( I'm so excited to get it and snuggle up in it! :-)
    How have you decorated your space to reflect your little side?

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    I have pony bedsheets and blankets. I also just bought some microfiber pillows with princesses and fairies on them.

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    That is real cool bedding I'm so jealous.

    keep thinking about how I would like my bedroom. To look but there so much to chouise from.


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    I have a green John Deere Tfactor Blanket.

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    I have a Disney Frozen set of sheets and pillow case. Not much else.

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    I want to move out my own really badly but I don't have the current funds to do so but when I have been thinking about what bed sheets to buy when I do though and I would love to have some My Little Pony bed sheets.

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    My whole room is pink! The carpet, the walls, everything :P My comforter set is Hello Kitty!

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    Ikea has very cute, very affordable bed linen for children that fits adult-size duvets and pillows. Their designs change on a roughly bi-annual cycle. I have several of their bed sets, and I love them.

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    Man, now I'm getting jealous I wish I cold move out so I could do this. I want cute bedding!

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