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Thread: Honestly, don't be scared to be you!

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    Red face Honestly, don't be scared to be you!

    I have told quite a lot of people about my little side now, because I am a stubborn opinionated person who doesn't hide anything from anyone.. I guess its because if I did get a bad reaction I am confident enough to laugh and stay completely assured that there is nothing wrong with being a little, because there isn't. I explained DDLG as a part of who I am, but I am not sexual in littlespace at all, no bad reactions either, not even towards the people who are sexual.

    The people I explained it all to are all very different people in their views, ages, everything, yet they are all so supportive, some even found their little/care giver side.. I can honestly say I have had no bad reactions.. Hell I even cried and confessed all the little stuff (bottles, paci's, sippy cups, etc) that I had in my room to my two of the guys I live with because I was scared people would find them (I hadn't slept for 38 hours because decided I had too much to do, so I was cranky and not thinking straight).. both litrally turned around and said "so whats the problem? there is nothing at all wrong with that.. you're just upset and need sleep", I also told my auntie, she actually decided she was one too, I can honestly say, from my friends, to family, to housemates.. I have had no bad reactions at all, they have all been so positive and barely even reacted, they just seen it as normal, one even said "don't ever stop being a little, because its a part of you and if you stopped being you, well it would kind of suck!"

    Because the people who matter won't judge and those that judge don't matter.

    My point is, never be afraid to tell someone that you are a little, because if they care they will support you and if they don't support you they don't deserve you You are normal, you are amazing and you should always be you.

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    Yea go for it little girl.

    I Decided to stop hiding my little side, some time ago now.
    Didn't make any big announcement to anybody, just decided to start being myself.
    And I haven't had any really bad reactions from any of my friends or work colleagues.

    Making the choice to be little 24/7 was right for me it took me ages to make my mind up because of the fear Factor.

    I also made the choice not to do some things that grown ups do like watching scary or violent films.

    And to do some thing that a parent would expect a child to do. Things like bed time. And afternoon naps. Saying Places and Thank you.

    This Actually has helped as I feel a lot happier inside.

    I had no need to worry. Living life to the full and trying not to take on any "false evidence appearing real" (FEAR). Is so much better that trying to be the person that I think somebody else wants me to be. That sucks as you put it. And I don't mean in a Pacifier sort of way.

    I love beeing a little boy, I don't think that I will ever grow up. And I Don't really want to. So there.


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    I have had an extremely similar experience. With exception of my parents, who accept me now but didn't at first, everybody else in my life that I have told about my little side to has been accepting. The only people I don't tell, which in some ways makes me sad, is the people I work with. I don't tell them because I work at an elementary school and I would just rather avoid all possible confusion and assumptions when it comes to that.

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    That is so awesome that you got such positive reactions! i feel that your message is great and people should feel comfortable with themselves. I just know it can be harder for some people. Like, if i ever felt the need to "come out" about being little, i feel like it would not be much of a surprise because it ties in a lot to my usual behavior/personality. But i know for some people, their public appearance and personal side are like night and day. I feel like oftentimes it's the confusion over such a big switch that can lead a lot of people to giving negative responses. Still, those who condemn you for being you don't care enough about you to deserve your time anyway in my opinion.

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    Littlebelle and Sisi why do you have to live so far from me you seem like cool peeps

    I have told only a handful of people and had good reactions but these were close friends and can't imagine telling anyone else.

    I am suppressed that you got so many good reactions on a count of the majority of the UK being quite conservative and non liberal but I am also glad that you did.

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    I'm really happy for you Littlebelle & Sisi and I'm glad being open about it has worked out well for you both. To be honest I don't think I would want to be open about it with anyone except a significant other or people who I already knew had a similar interest in it all though. That's just me though as I can see it causing too many problems in my professional and social circles and also where with me it's more of a sexual thing then with some others on here it's something that I would want to keep in my own home and between me and any future partner.

    I guess I would always advise people to be really careful and think it through before telling others though as there is still a lot of misunderstanding around it and although it may work out for one person it could go very differently for someone else.

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    Hi than you for you kind comets.

    For me I have decided to relax and be my self with is "little." As we call it. I see thing in a child like way. And have chosen to do things that a child would do. Play with toys, suck on my pacifier, and cuddle Rex my soft toy bog. Rex. Garr woff.

    I don't go arould say that i am still a boy in a big boby. I let people work that out for them selfs and if they ask question I tell them the truth. This way I seem to be accepted.

    I have thought about coming out to like everyone by getting a school uniform from

    I would look a very smart little boy in my uniform I am shore, but this would of been interesting at work to say the least.

    But this is for role playing.
    All I wount is to live my live the way I'm comfortable with. And that's not trying to be something I'm not. Although there's nothing wrong in playing dress up and having fun.

    I would encourage people to live their lives in a way that is right for them you don't have to go around saying I am this or I am that.

    If you are going to tell someone about your little side. I would think about why you need to tell them. If you are being your self. You probably won't have to tell them anyway.

    I think I've made my life a lot easier by the choices I have made. I know that I am happer.

    Hope this makes sense


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    I glad it worked out for you but I on the other hand don't think I can enjoy that luxury. Almost everybody I know including some of my closest friends and my parents which are the most notable ones have a negative view on ABDL's. My brother knows about it and he doesn't really care as long as I do it quietly and secretly by myself which I have no problem doing because I do it all the time. If I were to ever tell anybody that I have a little side would be a girlfriend if I could ever get one but until that day I don't tell anybody about ever.

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    LittleBelle and Sisi, I applaud you for your bravery in being who you are. Wish I could do the same, but I'm afraid that with my career in the entertainment industry, it would be too risky a move. Maybe one day.

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    I'm glad you all have found such acceptance for this special part of you. It always makes me happy when people can be themselves.

    For me, however, I don't actually want to be open about this side of me. Sure I would like to find like minded individuals who I can open up to and not feel embarrassed about it, but I also acknowledge that people are naturally judgmental. Even if they don't mean to be and even if it's not in a negative context, people take in whatever info you've given them (from your words, actions, demeanor, personality, etc.) and create this image of you that influences their interactions with you. I just prefer my discretion because I like my life exactly the way it is and I don't want people to look at me as a little.

    AB/DL is a part of me, but over the past 2 years or so, it has started to become a small part of me in comparison to the numerous other aspects of my life. I generally prefer to show people those other sides of me.

    But to each their own. If this is a large part of your life then be as open as you like. It is your life after all.

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