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Thread: How the Tranquility ATN

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    Default How the Tranquility ATN

    I have a chance to try them but was wondering how they are overall for night and day use for someone with IC problem. I used the Molicare super plus diaper but it too thick to me for use because I never use them to the fullness.

    should I stick with my Molicare's or take the chance with this?

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    If your in molicares you will be disappointed by the atn's

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    I stick with molicare super for now then.
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    I wear Tranquility ATN on a daily basis as it is what the VA provides for me. I do have the occasional leak but for the most part if I change regularly I have no problem.

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    I was using a thin diaper (TDP), but recently switched to ATN for daytime use. I like them better. Thin when dry and I have not had a leak, and can usually take 2 full wettings.

    They may work for night time, but I think the Molicare would be better for night time use.

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    Molicares are much better in every aspect except price. However, ATNs are a great value and work extremely well considering how much they cost. I'm not IC but I've used Tranquility ATNs before and haven't had too many problems.

    I'd suggest getting a sample of Tranquilities (I think HDIS and/or North Shore offers samples) and giving them a try that way. Molicare are a superior diaper for sure, but since you said you don't quite need that capacity then Tranquility may work for you.

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    I use the ATN every night for bedwetting. I have for years. It's worked great for me.

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    Is there anywhere I can get free sample to try this.

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