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    I need some advice here, normally i would were only 2-3 times a month if even that, But recently i have been wearing for 3 days straight. This is the first time I ever wore this much, and i have a feeling that its because I finally accepted this part of myself. how long do binges usually last?

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    I wouldn't call it a classic ABDL binge unless it comes with the manic energy that temporarily overcomes ongoing self-loathing. When I really started accepting myself, I might be more or less interested in diapers but I knew there wasn't anything wrong with it as long as I kept up the rest of my life, so the cycle of binge/purge was broken. I'm more typically in your normal frequency of wearing but that doesn't prevent me from wanting to wear 24/7 for indefinite periods as well (as I am now). When I'm done with that, I'll likely return to the very occasional wear. I'd say as long as it's not interfering with things, don't worry about it and enjoy it for what it is.

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    It sounds like you have been really into it for a couple of may pass and even if it doesn' long as you are happy...that is all that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    My binge cycle: 43 years
    didn't even get a few years out of 'em huh?

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