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Thread: ABDLs with children

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    Default ABDLs with children

    Hey all, I'm not ABDL. I'm a supporter. I'm not around here a lot. I typically just ask you guys questions about being an ABDL when my boyfriend can't/won't answer. So I'm sorry for all the in depth and personal questions. But my biggest question is this:

    Does anyone here have kids? What's your experience like with being in diapers alongside your child?

    As my boyfriend and I grow closer, this is something I need to know. I want children, and he says he is undecided. My main worry is that, if he does want children, will he end up being jealous about me babying the kids instead of him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLsGirlfriend View Post

    Does anyone here have kids? What's your experience like with being in diapers alongside your child?
    At the time I had little ones in diapers, I was thinking I had gotten over AB/DL when I got married.

    At times I felt that they where so lucky, but that was the extent of it.

    I did enjoy playing with there toys and playing with them. But I never got into any AB/Dl head space at that time.

    IT was after they where toilet trained and I started having incontinence issues that the whole binge and purge cycle raised its head after 8 years.

    All I an really say is that at that time the kids kept me so busy I did not have time to really think about it.

    The only thing was I was leaning more towards cloth and plastic pants and I got a resounding "hell no! we are using disposables" from my wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    I did enjoy playing with there toys and playing with them. But I never got into any AB/Dl head space at that time.
    This ^^

    All I an really say is that at that time the kids kept me so busy I did not have time to really think about it.
    and this^^

    When kids were small, and again when daughter boomeranged with grandkids for a couple years... my diapers "went on vacation" without me.

    Kids have a way of soaking up anything resembling spare time, especially when they're small enough to be in diapers. Once they're mobile, you've got about 8 seconds to yourself from the time you set them down in the middle of the room until you have to get the lamp cord out of their mouth/get them down off the top of the refrigerator/stop them from pulling the curtains down/rescue the dog/take them outside and hose them down from some sticky mess in the kitchen.

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    I just wanted to congratulate you on being forward thinking! I'm not a parent, so I've no advice to offer, but it's good to run across someone who considers things like this in advance.

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    Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly. You guys sound like awesome parents. Not all parents are so attentive the way you guys seem to be. I really appreciate your help!

    And thanks sbmccue. I'm a planner. Haha.

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    I'm married and my wife knows that I wear diapers, for minor incontinence but also cause I like them. And I'm a bit abdl.

    She is ok with it though I try not to push it that much or force. I mean, I try to be discreet and respectful.

    We would like to have kids and I know she ask to herself how am I gonna handle that. I make her know that I'm an adult as well and that I'm responsible and mature enough to raise kids, as for my diaper usage I'll try to be discreet as well I guess, I guess we'll see whenever that day comes and they get older... But it's for sure I won't stop wearing diapers.

    Can o ask you a personal question? Feel free to not reply it.

    How do you feel about it? What do you think. Do you appreciate discretion ?
    I'm just trying to learn more about it and my relationship. So all the info can come very very handy


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    Hi couchesstevensboy!

    Thanks for your reply! And I have no problem answering personal questions.

    I do appreciate discretion. But only to a certain point. My biggest concern is that my boyfriend could be making himself miserable by trying to make me happy by hiding it. When he may not fully realize that I'm totally fine with it. I'm just not willing to participate. I like to support him being who he is, but not really to fully participate. For instance, I got him a footed sleeper, and we sometimes wear those together, but I have not put on a diaper and I'm not comfortable doing so, and he has not yet worn a diaper in front of me. So I appreciate his discretion of just using his fetish as comfort with me, but not being sexual with it.

    If we were to have kids someday, I think I would ask him to not wear in front of the kids. I really don't want to have to explain a fetish to them before I have to explain the birds and the bees lol. And plus, kids talk. They might go to school and tell everyone their dad wears diapers. And I don't think that's something he would want. Obviously, since you have a little bit of incontinence, you probably don't have much of a choice in wearing either an incontinence brief or pad. You could always just cover it up somehow and not walk around half naked lol. But I would ask my boyfriend to wear pants and a sweatshirt over his onesie and etc. I want him to be comfortable in his own home, but I would also appreciate the discretion.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Yes it does!!!! Thank you very much!!

    It's the same for my wife, she is ok though she won't participate at all. She has a footed Pijama I bought for her for the winter so she wears that but I mean, it's kinda "fashion" these days.

    I like diapers but not really as a fetish, more like they make me feel good somehow, safe, relax, happy, etc. It doesn't mean I'm not happy or relax when I'm not wearing them but is more like a "bonus". Like, I'm happy already but I'll get extra happy lol

    And I have to tell you that what I enjoy the most is wearing them when my wife is around, it makes me feel so well, like accepted somehow, I cannot describe it.

    Even though I like to be babyish with her, I also know she wants me to be her husband prince charming. So I keep the balance let's say.

    We are a young couple by the way.


    - - - Updated - - -

    As for the kids, I guess that if I don't show off my diapers in front of them, it will take some years before they notice those kind of stuff (just guessing) and by then

    - - - Updated - - -

    We will probably have figured out what to do or say.
    I guess diapers are the less issue to work on, is just a part of me but not my whole.

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    It is a separation of church and state. the kids will require most of your time limiting your time to play. Keep in mind children do sleep, however little it may be, they do sleep. My ex knew I liked to be diapered and did play a little. Once and it was only once we got busted and at that time our child was so young it would not have registered that daddy was in diapers too. Discretion is the key just like any adult activity with children underfoot!

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    I've two, but I live alone. Always I separated my dark side of the kids.

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