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Thread: Question about ABU Simple and Space

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    Default Question about ABU Simple and Space

    Looking at ordering my first set of "premium diapers" and I'm looking at either the ABU space or simple. I'd prefer the simple as I like the plain white look better, and from what I understand the simples are just a plain version of the space but some reviews have indicated that it is a little narrower in the crotch (and thinner in general) than the space. Thickness is more important to me than looks. Interested in hear from anybody who has tried both.

    Also, curious how they stack up against the Dry 24/7.

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    The Simples are just a plain version of the Space and Little Pawz. I use the Simple as my daily go to for the last two months. It hands down destroys the Dry 24/7s for me. The Simples hug my body type like no other diaper on the market. So if you are thinking about switching order a sample and see how they fit you. The better the fit the better results from the diaper.

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    see my post HERE answering that same question for another user

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    The Dry 24/7s would be forced to plead no contest against ABU diapers.

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    How well do boosters like Abrilet Maxi work with the Space/Simple?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dressesRbestest View Post
    How well do boosters like Abrilet Maxi work with the Space/Simple?
    They'll work as well as any other diaper.

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