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Thread: My big word for today

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    Cool My big word for today

    Hi everyone.

    My word for the day is.


    It a very big word, that fun to say.
    I going to see how meany time I cqn work it into a sentence at work to day.

    It means.

    childlike behaviour

    Heee, heee.

    Can you think of anyone that behaves in a infantilism way?



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    Oh....certainly not anyone here....looks sheepishly to see if anyone is looking.

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    I'm curious to hear about how that went for you.

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    I think I managed it a couple of times but I got bored and play something different.
    Today a new day wonder what games I am going to play today.
    Will my trampoline needs balancing on now. Come on Rex let's go a jump.
    Heee, heee.

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