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Thread: Wearing for 2 days, powder and cream needed?

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    Default Wearing for 2 days, powder and cream needed?

    I will (if everything goes well) be wearing for 2 days straight for the first time, starting thursday night. I've never worn for longer than 10hrs, so i'm wondering if powder will be enough or if i should use cream instead, or both? I have powder, and there might be some sort of cream laying around at home (my soon 4 year old brother still occasionally wear diapers). I do NOT want a rash to ruin this rare opportunity to wear for an extended time.

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    If it's one diaper for the 2 days, yeah, probably worth doing. If you're changing within the 2 days, powder would be really useful to prevent sweat blisters, and cream would be recommended but not needed, imo. As long as you keep yourself clean, and shower at least once a day, shouldn't be a problem. Have fun!

    Though, if you do start noticing some irritation, don't hesitate to use cream locally to soothe and prevent the irritation from turning into a rash...

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    I'll change as soon as the diaper is fairly full, and take a shower every day. How would it be possible to wear one diaper for 48hrs?? Thanks

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    I use J & J nighttime baby lotion and I never hadvediaper rash, but I'm usually in a wet diaper only while I sleep, which is 8 hours. I think you'll be fine either way.

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