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Thread: Trying to Quit Addictions By Diapers... Maybe?

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    Default Trying to Quit Addictions By Diapers... Maybe?

    Ok, so the key struggle of my inner life as a TBDL was whether or not it was OK to want to wear diapers. I would buy a full pack of goodnites or whatever and use only one or two and just feel so overwhelmed by guilt that I would throw the entire pack away (mostly because I never told anyone about my fetish, so it had been eating away at me forever and stuff). I've probably wasted over $100 (which is a lot for a little college boy) over the years in guilty discarding of unused diapers.

    Anyway, over the past year or so, I went through therapy, read my Bible, had some good introspection, figured out where the line was between me and my fetish, and really felt ok with being DL. And all was well for a bit.

    But then I decided diapers were a bad thing again, and I vowed 2016 would be diaper free for my wallet and my spirit - because I will be all right, diapers aren't a necessity in my life. And it worked for a bit (I'm basically over my bedwetting, praise the lord), but then I started two addictions to replace diapers - looking at diaper pics/videos, and masturbating (oftentimes paired), but I kept telling myself "could be worse, I could still be addicted to diapers"

    And then I realized how silly I was - the diaper pics kinda cemented that diapers were still part of my life even if they were not on my butt. So I decided these things might be worse for me than actually wearing the diapers.

    All this to say, I'm wearing a GoodNite right now and I'm hoping and praying that it's better for me to wear the diapers myself than to masturbate over pictures of other people wearing them.

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    I'd like to offer some thoughts. I'm by no means a religious expert, this is just my sense of morals and right and wrong. My opinion, and I've seen it discussed here several times as well, is that wearing diapers isn't wrong. It causes no harm to anyone (barring the occasional rash) and if it makes you feel happy and confident, it can make not just your life, but the lives of your friends and loved ones better too. It's important to understand that it's unusual, and indeed unusual enough that people who find out may worry about you or even get angry at you, so it's important to be conscious of your privacy. But the fact that other people are intolerant of things that are different from their expectations doesn't make those things wrong. I think moral wrongness, which is to say evil, is about doing things you know to cause harm to self or others and doing so knowingly. Diapers just don't fall into that category.

    Where I think diaper wearing can be a concern is the same as any pleasure activity: if you overindulge to the exclusion of your responsibilities, then that's a problem. That's the same problem as eating too much, playing games too much, or even studying or working too much. What "too much" means can vary person to person. Wearing a diaper every night might be no problem as long as you're up and showered in the morning and off to class or work or whatever. Lots of people here can even tell you that they wore diapers to class during their university days and had no problem. We ABDLs freak out, but most diapers out there are discreet and not a big deal to wear or use. But that aside, the point is to figure out what's necessary for you to be happy and make sure that wearing to make you happy doesn't turn into the only thing you do.

    Now with regard to the masturbation part of the topic. My one thought there is that I think it's healthy and several medical studies back that up. If you feel it's a sin though, I won't challenge your religious convictions. As with any other temptation, you shouldn't totally destroy yourself if you do sin, that's not how God works, your job is to do your best and keep on seeking to be better.

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    Stigma and desire vs. relevance and shame.

    As a religious person myself who has struggled with this very question in the past, this may help put such questions into perspective.

    The stigma of diapers can be viewed as the general public's opinion that diapers are only used by those who practically need them by age or medical need. If we don't need them practically but desire to wear them then there can be a level of self-evaluation due to the notion of feeling odd or imagining what others would think if they found out about our desires.

    This first initial connotation will certainly lead to feeling shame or regret over our desires. Thus we generally at this point attempt to relegate or navigate our personal needs and feelings against what society would find shameful or abnormal. If the desire and relevance outweighs the stigma and shame then we usually graduate to fulfillment but not without regret or questioning how it fits morally into our lives and system.

    I cannot tell you one way or another on how to personally navigate your course. If you feel overwhelming shame then it may be of benefit to abstain from your desires, equally if you decide to indulge yourself in wearing diapers for personal reasons of enjoyment.

    A few years ago my conclusion was that my kink did not harm or involve forcing my desire upon anyone else and therefore did not involve anyone else's opinion on my private kinks. I was able to deduce that my desire to wear diapers was as innocent and akin to anything that I wore to bed or what I wore and used for comfort.

    This is a tricky subject on a religious note and concerning God's word. As a Christian I find it hard to relegate something that I find intimately sexual to something that I could define as completely innocent. Therein lies the complex issue; "Does my desire to use diapers conflict with my personal belief in God's word?".

    As I write this I cannot mitigate through or offer any magical phrase of offering but I can say that we are born with inherent desires and they, by all accounts, do seem natural in context.

    Perhaps it is purely content and context that define such lines between each.

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    Trigger warning: Adult Content

    As for me, after being sexually assaulted twice I kind of was starting to become overwhelmed by sexual urges. I felt disgusting, like a monster. Eventually I got into masturbating and it eventually got to my old interest in wearing diapers. It was my junior year of high school, I had just turned 18 and I decided to go buy some diapers. At the time it was for sexual desires, but when I got home and put on the diapers, I noticed that all forms of sexually urges just left me; I felt calm and safe. A year later I got into a caffeine addiction, pretty nasty one too. I was jumpy, shaking, and scratching all my skin. Once again I decided to try wearing diapers and like before, all other urges stopped. So for me they certainly worked for me.

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    I've also tried to quit or financial problems preventing me from buying, but I've noticed I feel like I was going through withdrawal, finding other means to have some type of diaper or alternative to have the fix. I've purchased cloth diapers now to accommodate those situations.

    It did seem that masturbation sessions increased without diapers. I also began to feel like a monster as well. It felt at times that diapers had overwhelmed my thoughts after being without it for so long. I would masturbate to try to get rid of the urges, but it would become more frequent. I hated it.

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, trying to get rid of or ignore these desires is almost always a fruitless endeavor. Back in 2013, when I started to really want to wear diapers, they were on my mind a ton. Now that I finally have them, and use them when I feel like it, I don't have to worry about them so much.

    You're much better off just finding your happy balance between diapers and other aspects of your life than trying to forget about diapers altogether.

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    Yeah, I agree with KimbaStarshine and all the above. Infantalism is a psychological condition, something that has been ingrained during our childhood. In the big picture, a lot of worse things could have gotten into our subconscious. I agree that it's all about balance, having appropriate times to indulge and wear, and living in the adult world the rest of the time, which should be the large majority. Today I played, directed and sang for a Lenten service at our church. I did the laundry for my wife and I, and I did some other church related work. I helped cook dinner and then I went back to church and rehearsed with our Praise Band. Tonight I'll go to sleep wearing a diaper and feeling at peace: no guilt.

    It's what you do with all the rest of your life that counts. Wearing diapers is small pittance.

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    I've always struggled with whether it's right or wrong to wear diapers. The Christians I respect and look up are no help, because they don't understand what it's like to like wearing diapers. Sadly, a google search of "does wearing diapers make God sad?" is no help. So, I can relate to diapers being part of your life, even if they aren't on your butt, it's just something that (in my experience) won't simply go away. I picked up a bad alcohol habit at a point when I was trying desperately to quit wearing, and that is more expensive, more dangerous, and harder on my body, then diapers ever were. So, I think it's important to check your habits from time to time. (Quit wearing for a week, take a break from drinking or whatever).

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    The key point, to my mind, is that you can have far worse addictions. Most people do.

    I also imagine God is too busy to worry about what sort of underwear you have on!

    Like many of you, I've been 'afflicted' with these desires since I was a pre-kindergartner. Having 'lived with' a desire to be babied for more than 50 years, I'm convinced – at least, for my own part – that the need won't go away of its own accord. I've prayed and prayed for God to take it away from me, and it's still there. I should mention that I believe God answers every prayer, even if sometimes the answer is 'no.'

    My point is this: If you believe in an all-loving, all-powerful God, yet you're convinced God worries about what underwear you have on at a given moment, then you're either being (a) unrealistic or (b) determined to pass harsh judgment on yourself. I'm at the point where I try to find two or three days a week when I can wear from the time I wake up until I get ready for bed. If that keeps my stress level low and my other anxieties in check, as it seems to, then I cannot imagine God is disappointed in my choice.

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    As I put it, free will is both a blessing and a curse.

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