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Thread: Waterproof nappy covers

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    Default Waterproof nappy covers

    Hi everyone.

    I am going to go to cloth washable nappys. But I am going to need some waterproof nappy covers.

    Please can you help me.

    Is it better to go for rubber ones, or plastic ones.
    Also snaps or elasticated waist.

    Also I would like to get them from the UK so I don't have to wait ages.

    Thank you for your help.


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    when it comes to water prof covers it really depends on what your looking for.
    for me it comfort and for others it how long they will last. I like vinyl pullon the very soft and comfortable to wear. but don't last long the vinyl get hard and cracks in a few mouths.

    PUL last longer but for me thy just don't feel rite.
    as for rubber they are not bad to I have used them.

    they now have pull-on latex I haven't tried them yet so I don't know much about them.
    you may have to buy one of each to decide what you like.

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    Has anyone brought stuff from the shop are they any good.


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    Although not in the UK. I have purchased plastic pants from in Hooksett, NH, USA.

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    Rubber pants are going to be expensive and I'm not sure that they last any longer than vinyl. PUL will last the longest, as said and I have two pair. I usually wear Leakmaster high tops when I sleep. They have the look and feel of the old Gerber plastic pants. They're very soft and comfortable but you have to take special care of them to make them last longer than a month.

    I read an article that said to wash them once a week with hand soap. The other days it said to just rinse them off in the shower, which is what I do. When I use the hand soap, I use just one push on the plunger. Soap has oil in it and it's the oil that makes the vinyl hard and then crack. But our bodies also give off oil so they do have to be rinsed very thoroughly.

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    I also like the leakmaster plastic pants. Being of the older generation, they remind me of what I remember as a child. I get from the flat 4-layer cloth diaper in the largest size available. (and I am not really large). They shrink significantly during the first 5 or so washes, reducing by 15-20% in size, so don't be afraid to buy bigger than you think you need. The prefolds are interesting, but they take forever to dry. I rinse mine in the shower, and wash them with the bath towels.
    Like Dogboy, I also wash my plastics after a week or so. Warm wash, warm rinse for the least damage.

    I did a post in the past, showing the over time cost of cloth. You may find it helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post

    Has anyone brought stuff from the shop are they any good.


    inco-shop's pants are okay-ish (that being the context of a very poor consumer choice for placky pants).

    there's a German seller on ebay, listed as 'hkale' or Plastikwasche (can't linky cos of the adult nature of his other stuff), who sells a limited range of Gary/Leakmaster pants and whose prices for pants and for P&P are pretty reasonable, and delivery times are also pretty good.

    my personal preference is for Gary pants, for their quality and construction. as with any pant, though, when you choose a size, choose by the leg/thigh measurements (and make sure you have enough billowiness to accommodate a nappy and your movement, to avoid tearing).
    additionally, a rule of thumb for sizing, taken from nanny-school, is that the elastics should not leave not a mark on baby's skin.

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