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Thread: Careful when ordering from Amazon!

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    Default Careful when ordering from Amazon!

    When ordering baby diapers from Amazon, be sure to check if the website says the item will be fulfilled by "" If so, your box will have a very large DIAPERS.COM on the outside. Fortunately this wasn't a problem for me as I live alone (I just hope the neighbor--with whom I share a porch--didn't notice), but figured those of you who still live with your parents or nosy roommate would want to know. This happened for me on a small package of Pampers size 7, and I'd imagine it will happen on larger packages, too.

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    I get Goodnites from Amazon, but I get them from a different supplier because I get a better price on them and the amount is larger. But here's the surprise. They get delivered in the Goodnite box with a mailing sticker on it. And if that isn't enough, I get the girl's Goodnites because I think the design is more babyish than the boy's design. The first time I got them I was indeed surprised to see this big red/pink box of girls Goodnites sitting in front of my door!

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    If you have the option of "place in Amazon box" or "this item is a gift" that should fix the issues. I used the ship in amazon box for some pampers size 6 and there wasn't one marking on the box to give the insides away

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    I've had this same experience getting Tenas from Amazon. Whether I got a full- or half-case, they came in Tena-stamped boxes with the product name and size prominently written on more than one side.

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    Phew.. thanks for sharing. This saved me from some very possible embarrassment in my building.

    I ordered some Abena's from Amazon once and they came in the smiley box, but I'm guessing this happened because it was only a single bag.

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    The better thing to do rather than avoid one fulfiller, is keep an eye out specifically for "fulfilled by Amazon" (though obviously if it's actually directly sold by Amazon then that won't need to be present). If that's there it should come in an amazon box. If it's not, you'll always be better to check with the seller about how they package/ship their products before buying.
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    So far I've only ordered from Amazon themselves, it they arrived boxed. Thanks for the warning, I'll have to keep an eye on that.

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    I've ordered these from amazon twice, and while all the answers claim they come in discreetly, it is the actual Abena box, with blue stripes, a big 'M' and 'abri-form flex' written on it. Though it didn't scream diapers to people that didn't know it's definitely not discreet. I didn't mind for it being about $10 cheaper. Though now I see they raised their prices from last time I ordered anyway!

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    I never thought about ordering diapers online yet, because right now i live with my parents and dont want them to take a look. but someday i might try and maybe even order my first premium diapers someday.

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    I have had the same experience when ordering from Amazon. I use their Subscribe & Save service; I have a recurring order for Pampers cruisers size 7(92 count) each month, and they come delivered in the Pampers box you would buy at the store. I have them delivered to a Post Office box close to where I work, about 42 miles away from my residence. I would hate to have my parents see that on the front porch, or to a post office closer to home where I might see somebody I know.

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