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    Default Looking for new brands

    I've recently decided to take the jump and purchase some specialty abdl diapers. So far the only premium ones I've tried are the Molicare Super Plus and the Northshore Supremes. Most of the time I just use walgreens brand. What is everyone's favorite brand/product and why?

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    some of my current favorites:

    confidry, abu simple, tykables basic, bambino classico - for the all white diaper
    abu aliens/paws, dcamore kitten/idyl, crinklz - for the fun patterns

    all of the above are high capacity, good leak guards, good tapes, thick even when dry, comfortable, with front/back elastic. Basically, they're ALL great performing diapers, and it starts coming down to more about looks and less about minor differences in features. Once you've pulled up your covers or your jeans, they're very similar.

    You used to have to pick between a fair performing diaper that looked straight out of a hospital ward, or something with babyish (but nothing more specific) looks and poor performance. I personally think this is great that we can have this amount of selection now, and not have to settle for either "looks nice" or "works well".

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    If I'm using a medical diaper, I really like the Molicare Super Plus.

    If using a speciality ABDL diaper, I like: Bambino, ABU SDK, & ABU Space.

    I haven't had a chance to try all the new ABDL diapers that have been released over the past year. Basically any ABDL diaper you get now is going to be a high capacity diaper, that's meant to hold a lot. With all the choices that have come out in the last year, basically you just need to look at them and see what design you like best.

    The SDK is a pattern that is a recreation of the pattern that was on the first diaper I got to use. So it has special meaning for me. I also like the over-all print and fading designs on the Space diaper (it also holds a LOT). I like the pattern of the Bambino Teddy as well. I'm not a big fan of the Bambino Bellissimo or Classic Bambino.

    If you don't want a print on them, a few companies have recently come out with solid white diapers.

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    As far as my main use for incontinence I use Tena Stretch Super briefs. They are my main diaper because I have worn them the longest and I find them to be comfortable and work best for me. I also like that I can pull them up and down with relative ease if I choose to use the toilet. I have tried multiple brands though NorthShore, Molicare, Abena, etc. If I'm not wearing the Tena I like the ABU Space and have recently come to love ABU LittlePawz. (: Tena for main wear, and ABU Space/Little Pawz for more special occasions, like if I stay home all day.

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