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Thread: Best Non-Fragrent Diaper Rash Ointment/Butt Paste?

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    Default Best Non-Fragrent Diaper Rash Ointment/Butt Paste?

    I have radiation induced chronic colitis, which has compromised my bowel control. Now I have been put on medication for 2 months for an esophageal issue and as a result am having constant seepage. My butt is burning. I've always used Desitin Cream for bed time: as it works extremely well in preventing diaper rash and washes off without leaving a residual smell. But now I need to use a barrier during the day and I don't want to smell like Desitin or baby ointment. Need something with a neutral smell. Recommendations?

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    Balmer for adults available in same size "jars" as destin and available in a handy pocket size has no odor,

    And if a small "odor" of a product as long as it's not baby diaper rash ointment is OK my colorectal guy has recommended and swears by Calmoseptine which I now swear by and can be used on all sorts of things from cuts and scrapes,burns to really nasty hemorrhoids you can buy it online or off the shelf at most wall greens stores my guy gives me a handful of individual use packets to keep in my diaper pack.

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    I've been using Blue Star Ointment for many years. I have not experienced diaper rash since.

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