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Thread: Any dolls y'all have?

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    Default Any dolls y'all have?

    Hey there! I just got an extremely pretty dollie, Wan Ling by Karito Kids, and I was thinking we ought to make a thread where we put pictures of any dolls we have, like how there's a show off your plushie thread.
    My camera's busted, but this is a picture of her from a blog called Planet of the Dolls (all photo credit goes here; x):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, what dolls (if that's your thing) do y'all have?

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    Oh man.

    I collect dolls as a hobby, have been doing so for at least four years now and other types of vintage toys before that! I have a few from my childhood but most of my dolls are older than me by a long shot. My favorites are the googlies, and an authentic Scootles doll from the 1920s (who I guess also counts as a Googly...) in excellent condition.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    See, I'm a cartoonist and Rose O'Niell was the very first megahit American cartoonist. At one time her Kewpie dolls were as widespread as Mickey Mouse is today! She also did fine art illustrations, sculptures, wrote novels, poetry... she even carved the mold at least for the larger Scootles doll herself! She's my art idol. Having a real Rose O'Niell piece in my collection ... I get chills!

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    Never understood dolls. They always look so spooky.

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    No, although I always wanted one of the American Girl dolls growing up ...

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    Well I think I'm to afraid to get a doll but not for the reasons you would think.
    You see the little girl in me wants to get a doll and a doll house to play house and mommy and daddy ect.
    But the little boy in me wants to blow up the doll house and all the dolls with explosives.
    This is why I'm scared because I know for a fact that I'm going to end up spending a flipping fortune on them.
    If I was getting one thought it would have to be a barbie or an american girl.
    Its ashame but it's the little boy inside me is the reason we can't have nice things.

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    I have a few American Girl Dolls! They are, unfortunately, in storage at the moment (in the process of moving) so I can't post pics
    I have Grace, Julie, Samantha, Molly, Elizabeth, Maracol, Nikki, etc

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    I never got into dolls, however I do have a large collection of anime figures (mostly from Evangelion). However, I would be a liar if I said I never was interested in the Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls set

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    I have a large collection. I will post a picture of all of them when I can. I am cleaning my apartment and I need to swich out my display of dolls anyway. I collect primarily pony Dolls but on occasion I do collect others. EQG is the closest thing I have to Barbie. I am pondering on getting a Barbie doll. It depends on money because I am also a collector of Littlest pet shop and care bears. My Mother and brother recently got me into star wars. So I am looking at the possibility of storm trooper dolls. I love Dolls and playing with their hair. I need to pick a day just to regress with dolls and just let my imagination go with it.

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    Default Mine...

    So, what dolls (if that's your thing) do y'all have?[/QUOTE]

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    It's interesting in that I never had any interest in dolls until a couple years ago when this forum got me thinking about them a bit more, and I thought, but I want a big one, more proportional to my size, as a doll is to a LG. And I found this one (now "Pamela") on eBay: search on "masterpiece skye" or just masterpiece dolls, there are some gorgeous ones, but they are expensive.


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