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    Recently I saw a fund raiser where participants wear underwear while running for a good cause.

    So I got to thinking - and I am serious about this - what would be a good charity for a "Diaper Dash" where participants wear diapers (held in place with plastic pants or onesies) and ran for a good cause? Childhood cancer/leukemia? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.)?

    A company such as Depends or maybe even Pampers could sponsor the event.


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    Childhood cancer is probably the best one. Impactful and important. I don't think anything else would beat that out.

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    Either what ArchieRoni said, or there is the International Continence Society:

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    I remember at one point while surfing youtube, I saw news coverage of a race where people of all ages ran a 5k / 10k wearing diapers to raise money to provide incontinence products for both handicapped children & children in 3rd world countries. Of course, everyone was just wearing Pull-ups over their shorts and huge sheets with comically sized pins.

    If I signed up for this, I'd worry that wearing a diaper would effect my time!

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    What about a "diaper dash" during the time of one of the AB conventions (capcon or teddycon). The charity could change every year (no pun intended). That would be even more incentive for me to attend one of those things.

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    This would be a good idea to raise awareness of Prostate Issues and general urology problems.

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    This sounds like an awesome idea! I think the diaper companies would definitely sponsor! It would even go viral, its the type of thing you would see on the news and it would be a good laugh too either of those causes would be great!

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    autism the cost are so high and parents need support and they are very hard to pottie train some never do in some cases.
    I dont know of a lot of support like other charities.

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    I could definitely see a company like Depends sponsoring an event like this to raise awareness about incontinence. Sounds like a fun way to spread awareness.

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