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Thread: Thinking of Buying Some Cloth AIOs

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    Default Thinking of Buying Some Cloth AIOs

    I found a handful of Star Wars AIO diapers and being a HUGE Star Wars fan and wanting a diaper that matches my footies, I'm seriously considering buying one or two of them.

    So, reviews of cloth diapers are scarce. I found conflicting reviews about Dependeco, and I'd like to get a straight answer. So a few questions. How much do they actually hold? How high do they come up (belly button)? How well do they do with side wetting? Is the outside actually waterproof?

    The same applies to these diapers:
    From Angels Best on Ebay

    Anyone know anything about these?

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    Not sure about the aio at depend Eco, I use their pocket diapers. They come up to the belly button. I find with one insert (i think this is equivalent to an AIO without a booster) I can get a large and a small wetting with no problem. Adding another insert (or booster) and I have found I can get a couple large wettings in and still not be completely soaked. I haven't had any problems with leaks either. The few times I've done a wetting on my side have gone fine, however I err on the side of caution and dribble slowly.

    As for the outside being water proof not sure if you get the pul kind it is waterproof. The cotton/ flannel AIO sound like the pul is under the design so maybe. However again I am not sure I only have experience with the pul diapers.

    A few other things to note if you get them, make sure to get a booster not only are they thicker but can hold more. Also they wick away moister very well and even when completely wet I find I still don't feel like I'm sitting in a puddle and have to change right away. They are also very nicely made and hold up very well. Hope this helps.

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