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Thread: iPhone 6s Plus first iphone

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    Default iPhone 6s Plus first iphone

    This is my first iPhone had it for 22 days now. Things I miss about my galaxy note are the back camera and fast charging. My only complaints with iPhone is battery life and this camera. What do you like about your iPhones? And what do you wish they could improve? I might get the galaxy note 6 this year. For me to keep iPhone I wanna see those 2 improvements I was talking about

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    I'm currently on my third iPhone. I like them, but yeah, there's a few things they could do better. Better camera, better screen, etc. I keep mine in an otter box to keep it safe from breaking.

    My first smart phone was an iPhone. I keep them for usually 4 years, and sticking with the same brand has made it easy for me to transfer all my information to the new phone. Pictures, background, settings, contacts, music, podcasts, etc. I don't have to mess with much. Not wanting to mess with learning a new device, or having to set-up all new on a device, has kept me with the iPhone. I didn't originally want to get one tho. I was going to try to get a Droid.

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    They are simply better than any other brand. I'm not sure what the issues are with the camera. I've never taken better pictures, or movies. My brother has the newest thing Samsung offers and couldn't believe how much better the pictures and movies were with my iPhone 6-plus.

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    I like how our IPhone integrates with our IPad. I suspect other windows based phones integrate with Windows tablets.

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    Well I had an android for forever, but always wanted an Iphone so I bought a 2nd hand 4s of a friend, had it less than a week, and went full haul and bought a 6s. I love it, so handy, great pictures. Maybe it's just that I don't know how to do it, but I find if I'm typing something out on my phone, getting back to parts I want to edit is more difficult on iphone than android. That and I'm sure Apple is trolling me, saying there is a 100% chances of thunder storms, and we get nothing and then telling me their is a burger king, in the middle of nowhere. But siri is my best fried. lol

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    I'm not saying iPhones are bad phones, but I'll never give up something that has some real versatility.

    Android all the way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I like how our IPhone integrates with our IPad.
    Ohh yeah. I forgot about that. That is pretty nice. I've got an iPhone, iPad, & Mac. They share information between them all. It is pretty nice. If I get a text message, it shows up on all three devices. Calendar, notes, contacts, texts, pictures, etc.

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    Ok, I was the last person who would have ever bought an iPhone, but i did. I've used all types of smartphones.... Starting with the Motorola Q (windows mobile 6), blackberries from the curve, storm, and bold. I've had an android phone and two android tablets.... Never more.

    I work I. The cellular industry, so I have to support iPhones so I thought I would get the cheapest one, the 5c. I truely like it. It does exactly what Apple says it will do every time, it behaves the same way that every other iPhone and iPad do.

    With my other phone the droid razor m I had to have to have it replaced due to battery issues, then again it gave up and refused to boot. Not to mention the on and off again working of certain apps due to so and firmware updates. The straw that has broken the camels back is when they did the kit kat update. This was a major update and changed the way that the device worked and the reason I had it. I am a avid photographer, and use memory cards in my camera that are wifi enabled. I had a 64gb micro sd in my droid to capture the photos from the camera and upload to the cloud. With the kit kat update the apps are now blocked from accessing the sd card.

    I know you are thinking... You iOS devices don't have a sd card slot... I know this and knew this going in. That was the reason I had an android device!!!!

    Not only have I bought that one iPhone, I have bought an iPad, I bought my mom an iPhone and iPad as well (after hearing her complain over and over about the android tablet she had)

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    Im curious to see that the issue that has been mentioned with the camera is. As far as I'm aware, the iPhone is the most diverse application camera in the smartphone market and i thought that is takes reasonable good photos. Now that being said i do also have a DLSR so if i really want high quality images i can do that.

    However, i hope that the reason why people are saying that the iPhone camera isn't as good because they are judging it on the megapixel count. I know there are other smartphones that have a much higher megapixel count then the iPhone. But the Samsung phones are the same megapixel count as the iPhone currently. As someone who is into photography (albeit, I'm only really an enthusiast and not a professional photographer) but the reality is that the camera megapixel is not the most important part of a camera. It is the lenses that go into it that are the most important (and therefore usually the most expensive). The sensor only does so much. And i think that the iPhone has pretty good optics/lenses compared with other smartphones.

    As far as the whole SD card thing. I used to work in the telecom industry (when i was studying as as student) and they would mention about the iPhone not having an SD card. I would always reply that you don't actually need it to be honest if a) you get the size that will cover your need and any possible future expansion and b) transfer things off using the iTunes utility. iPhones (and for that matter any smartphone) isn't designed to have your whole computer/life on it. But you can put a reasonable amount of stuff on it without too much of an issue. Also, the whole time that i have had my iPhone i have not felt the desire (or need for that matter) to need to put an SD card in. I have had plenty of space for what i wanted on my phone. So i find the SD thing a bit trivial. Plus most of the SD card slots on phones only really allow you to put in 32gig cards (unless they have managed to increase that to the 64gig ones recently) and with the internal shortage of most smartphones that have SD cards being about 32 gig you are really only doubling the space you have. I would just buy the large size one for space if i thought i needed that much space in accordance with the rules above i used to tell my customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    I'm not saying iPhones are bad phones, but I'll never give up something that has some real versatility.

    Android all the way...
    I'm not clear on what you mean by versatility. All of these phones are app based. Since I also own an Android device, I find the iPhone versions of the same apps run smoother and look nicer. Otherwise both systems lock users into an ecosystem. It's just the Apple one is easier to deal with.

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