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Thread: How do I Get a HUGE Mess?

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    Default How do I Get a HUGE Mess?

    If you don't like messing threads, read no further.

    Like most members of this forum, I seldom mess my diaper due to the inconvenience of the immediate and thorough cleanup required after. However, nothing quite makes me feel like a little boy in need of diapers like making a big mess in my diaper every now and then. My fantasy is to drop a load in my diaper that is so huge it stretches the diaper tight as it bulges in the rear, squishing everywhere, and then makes the diaper positively sag from the sheer weight of it when I'm finally done.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make this happen in a way that is safe and feels authentic?

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    Eat a ton of food, put a diaper on, and wait.

    Seriously, it works. ; usually happens every morning.

    Bean burritos always do the trick for me.
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    Holding it in is very safe, and doesn't have the risks of holding in pee. You have to carry a bit of volume to expect a lot to come out. Timing is paramount.

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    Detail Warning!

    Since messing can be really stinky, when I don't want to be, I like to insert oatmeal using a icing distributor, then I can enjoy a bit better and longer without the smell getting to me. Not only that but it's good for the skin, and can wear for an extended amount of time.

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    Somewhat adult content

    I do know one trick that although not advisable for health/sanitary reasons, could work. To put it simply, a (butt) plug in the old tailpipe. Once pulled it off for 5 days and on the weekend when my family was out, I padded up, took it out, and the rest was behind me.

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    Presumably you know how your system works, and know which foods 'clean you out'. Don't eat those things for a couple days.
    Exercise and water intake can also play a part in getting things moving, so lighten up on those as well. Not advisable for any period of time, but once in a while doesn't hurt.

    Usually I'm ridiculously regular. On rare occasions, my system skips a day, even more rarely, two. The result is a giant load. If I'm really fortunate, its on a day when I can wear and use a diaper as happened last Tuesday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimCo View Post
    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make this happen in a way that is safe and feels authentic?
    Increase your fiber. That should help. Most people don't get enough. I use the dissoluble kind to counteract my IBS. I understand that you really want to properly fill your diaper, but I poop so much that the thought of wanting to poop even more is not the least attractive to me. Your fantasy is my reality.

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    Run a forklift into a shelf in a warehouse. Thats how to make a HUGE mess.

    Oh, you implied otherwise? Eating a bag of prunes should do the trick.

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    Prunes and plums are fiber and they will have the explosive result they will cause very loose stools because of the sweetner( much like lactulose aka Chronulac ,yes the sugar from milk) is an incredible laxative the more you ignore the urge to go,the stronger the urge gets until you involuntarily soil yourself(As a point of fact it even says in the instructions for use that people who need to use high doses of it will need to wear adult diapers whereas any of the fiber gummy or powders just give you bulk without the increase in gas and water being drawn into the bowel and stool,so yes to fiber but avoid prune and plum.

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    Please use this safely.

    1.) Clear your schedule.

    2.) Make sure you have all of the proper cleaning products, including black garage bags, paper towels, wipes, & bleach for your shower afterwards.

    3.) Chug 2-3 glasses of Prune Juice. 3 glasses nearly guarantees a struggle for control. (I'm 6'0", 165 lbs and I would never go passed 3 glasses)

    4.) Wait. (It may take 1-2 hours and you will feel nauseous.)

    5.) Your first movement will be gigantic. Clean up, but make sure that you know that this will continue for possibly the rest of the day. When going after your first change, what you will be passing will be almost entirely prune juice passing through. Your bowels will be cleaned out.

    6.) Remember to DRINK WATER after going the first time. Constantly hydrate.

    Just so you know, this can possibly lead to painful cramps and even gas AFTER you are done going for up to 12 hours. Although, this side effect only has ever occurred once for me personally.

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