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Thread: What is a need for diapers?

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    Default What is a need for diapers?

    I was thinking what constitutes a need for diapers.

    Do we just stick with medical need for those who are incontinent or do we branch out a abit?

    For example I would say I have a psychological need for diapers as opposed to a medical need. I feel less anxious, less scared, more safe if I am wearing, I feel like I can function far better than if I don't wear.

    What are everyone thoughts on the "need" for diapers.

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    I need them (psychologically speaking- as it is not a physical need) IF I want a good night's sleep

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    I wouldn't say I have a need for them. I certainly don't need them due to any incontinence and I don't think my desire counts as a need. I can and have done alright without them. They make things better for me but I won't wither and die without them. On the other hand, if I were to try to purge any thoughts of them from my mind, I'd probably go bonkers.

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    I just like them. It's like drinking, something to do. Wearing one now, I don't have to get up, and it feels so good.

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    A "psychological" need, is still most likely a medical need. You may think you are wanting diapers to "reduce stress" and to "feel more secure" and "like a baby". Here is my experience with the garments: They serve to reduce the symptoms of my disorder. Diapers have absolutely NOTHING TO DO with making me feel "secure" or "like a baby". They are there to help ME keep my developmental disability under MY control, rather than allowing my disorder to control ME.

    To qualify as a Flexible Spending Account expense, diapers are eligible as long as they serve the purpose of reducing symptoms of a medical condition. That condition can be a mental illness, developmental disability, or physical ailment or disability. Just having an autism spectrum diagnosis will usually qualify for a reduction in taxable income due to diaper-related costs.

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    I have a "want" for them. I'm not incontinent, so I wouldn't say that I have a true need for them.

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    For me, it's more want than need. I don't need them, I just like having them around and making use of them.

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    Same for me, want rather than need, except that I am somewhat OCD and have a minor, psychological need to have the desire to wear diapers, satiated. I've not worn all week as I've had a terrible cold, one that also went into my bladder. Every night I have had vivid dreams about wearing diapers, or seeing diapers displayed in stores, etc. I'm feeling somewhat better and I think I'll be back into diapers tonight, the first night in 7 days. Whew!!!

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    I think defining "need" is a challenge. It's sort of like a sandwich. On one end there's stuff that clearly isn't a need: I don't a new car right now or I don't need a fabulous yacht (, getting off topic). On the other end would be something like diapers for medical incontinence: the need is impossible to argue because such a person who didn't have a diaper on would ruin all their clothes and furniture.

    The problem is the middle of the sandwich might have lots of space and I think reasonable people might disagree about exactly where "need" starts and want ends. For example, if a person can't sleep at all without diapers even though they have full bladder control, is that a "need?" I'd probably say yes. But I'd be less certain if it were "had trouble sleeping, but could do it" and even less certain if it was just "can sleep either way, but likes having them."

    A lot of us have what I'd call a psychological need over time: over the course of, let's say several months to a few years, we need to wear diapers at some point or we'll start suffering from distraction, obsessions, or depression. But most of us, on any given day, would be fine if we couldn't wear diapers that particular day. It would be at most minor disappointment with the option to make it up a little while later.

    A few of us might have a more pressing psychological need, where symptoms of depression would start appearing after only a short time without diapers, but I think that's not very common.

    I have no clue where medical insurance might draw the line, by the by, probably at "wherever you can still get a doctor's note."

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    Medicaid draws the line with involuntary loss of bladder control. The litmus test for them, is whether or not you leak the same without a diaper, as with a diaper. If you are indeed wet with or without a diaper, then you would qualify for the cheap Attends that Medicaid provides. Otherwise, you have to buy them with your own funds as it would be a "behavioral" issue. That, in and of its self, would not disqualify a person from using a flexible spending account to purchase diapers when a doctor writes up a slip describing the need.

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