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Thread: The Adult Diaper Market Is About to Take Off

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    Well it can take off fly around the moon but the market comprises small leaks to bladder dumps and Depend "dumped" that line years ago, you can laugh and joke about bladder leakage right up until your leak is visible and then depend will dump another set of consumers, I personally am completely lacking respect for depend,if they brought some of their off shore products back to the US they would get some respect back.until then the market will be cornered by the ABDL products.

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    Kimberly Clark has 56% of the market according. The article unfortunately companies are driven by profit and getting money to the stock holders every quarter. Until they start to see a major drop in market share they will do nothing to improve their product line. They may even find new ways to save a few cents here and there per diaper.

    There is always some one new to being IC and not realizing there are better protection products on the market to replace the ones that leave. Some never leave and will always ware depends because of cost and the fact they are not aware there is any thing better as no one talks about blader or bowel issues.

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    Depends and the other pull-up style "diapers" are pretty pathetic when it comes to absorbency. They are aimed at the stress incontinence crowd, which means typically women. They might also be used by men for the occasional incontinence from prostate issues. Calling them diapers on par with baby diapers is just silly. I wear Depends pull-ups, but only when I'm exercising. Not good for more than one wetting. In fact, they pretty much suck. So, if 1 and 3 adults are really incontinent then they must be largely light incontinent. Someone with urge incontinence, like myself, is ill served by products from Kimberly Clarke and Proctor and Gamble. If they were smart they would make a real diaper to compete with the premium brands.

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    I don't get it Depends work great with me. I can some times have the same one on all day! at ,least 3 wetting's.

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