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Thread: Shaving Body Hair

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    Default Shaving Body Hair

    Who else shaves their body hair. I've tried electric razors, and mens razors, I find the mens razors clog with hair so easily and the electric just does not cut close enough.

    Bought a ladies razor, did my legs faster and easier than ever before.

    What tips and tricks do you fella hair removalees have?

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    An epilator is almost a torture device the first couple of times you use it, but after that it's fast, smooth, and once a week!

    If you have a high pain threshold I highly recommend trying them out (the ones you can use in the bath are a nice bonus!)

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    Clip really short first. Then shave. Keep rinsing razor blades with hot water. And take your time.

    You are going to have to get a grown up to help you get to the hard to reach places.

    It a lot better being smooth than all hairy. And it cleaner.

    Silly adult bodies.

    Hope this helps

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    I'm pretty hairy, and don't like it. So yeah, I do some occasional man-scaping.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I normally just use a pair of clippers to trim down the hair. That's really all I do. I don't really shave that much. I don't like how it feels when it's coming back.

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    I guess it depends on what kind of shaving your talking about. For legs and arms, I use electric clippers with the guard off. This gets the hair length very short, but not too short. As Mattew said, it really starts to itch when it grows in if you shave with a razor.

    For the diaper area, my experience has been, if you are going to shave there, you need to commit to it nearly every day to prevent the itch. I use a Braun foil razor for daily maintenance. Again, this gets it very close, but not as close as a blade razor. I find that if I use a blade in that area, I tend to get ingrown hairs and folliculitis - which are red painful spots around hair follicles.

    Lazering or Electrolysis would probably be the bett more permanent thing to do, but I haven't done that yet. Maybe some day.

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    Ohh yeah. Very itchy if you shave. Not fun. Done that a few times before I learned my lesson. But yeah, I've got a few clippers that I use for different areas (with and without guards depending on how short I'm wanting the hair.).

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    I'm a girl but I dislike the fact that I'm expected to shave my legs and armpits. I pretty much quit for a time and just wore long pants and no tanktops but had to start again when I took up swimming.

    The women on my mother's side of the family are kinda hairy and I personally have a condition that can also result in excess body hair. I have a few that grow under my neck I'll shave off from time to time along with above my lip.

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    I prefer to be smooth rather than hairy, but my parents (who still don't know the truth), keep on getting angry at me for doing so. It is my body, and it isn't like it is wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    Ohh yeah. Very itchy if you shave. Not fun. Done that a few times before I learned my lesson. But yeah, I've got a few clippers that I use for different areas (with and without guards depending on how short I'm wanting the hair.).
    The itchiness doesn't last if you stick with it. I went through two abortive tries where it made me so uncomfortable, I didn't stick with it. When I finally kept up on keeping it clean, the discomfort faded away after a week or so.

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    I shave at least once a week with a razor. Works fine once your're used to it. I'd still like to use an epilator/wax something one day to pull them out. But I tried wax strips once which did leave quite some hair behind. Guess I'll have to pull through the pain one day and get it done cleanly.

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