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Thread: Young incontinent male

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    Default Young incontinent male

    Is there anyone here who is young and incontent (ideally male)? I'd like to talk.

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    I mean incontinent. Like lack of control of pee.

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    is it a new condition you have?
    anyway the forum here is a great way of getting information and share doubts and thoughts.

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    I'm very young and incontinent (and a male) I've been incontinent my whole life, it can be humiliating but it's nothing to be ashamed of, and while many will laugh at you for it, there are plenty of mature people out there who'll be willing to look past it

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    I am male and fully incontinent at both ends for life

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    I have adjusted a lot to incontinence but don't feel im there yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt9615 View Post
    I have adjusted a lot to incontinence but don't feel im there yet.
    Nor do I, matt. Nor do I.
    And this is a problem that has been present for quite some time now. I was toilet trained as a child but it was a difficult task for my parents to achieve with me and it did not last. They knew it would not though since my doctor told them. For years I tried to maintain continence but despite my efforts it just got worse. Now at 19 I am in diapers 24/7. it is hard to adjust to and even harder to accept, especially being so young.

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