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Thread: Diaper Collectible

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    Default Diaper Collectible

    Does any body here collectible promo items for the different manufacturers. I have some items I thought I would share

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20160216_221810117[1].jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20160216_221821860[1].jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20160216_221833426[1].jpg 
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    Wow, that's quite the collection. I wonder what my kids would think if they walked into our house and saw all of that? I'm afraid it wouldn't work for me, but it looks cool to me. I love old, collectibles anyway. A lot of the things in our house are antiques.

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    That's a pretty neat little bike, although in my mind a tricycle would be more fitting for a toddler.

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    I also collect diaper advertising / collectibles!
    It's good to meet someone else who likes to collect this stuff!
    That's a nice collection you have there, I would love a couple of the things you have.
    I have a nice collection also, please feel free to contact me about it

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    I find it to be a neat collection. I always have some items from foreign countries. You would be amazed at the items from Europe and Japan. What does your collection look like. Would love to see pics.

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    I don't post here enough and it won't let me respond to you lol.
    I have a good sized collection, some of the same stuff you have, like the trains and one of the cups, I also have some of the buttons you have.
    I have a couple of old diaper boxes and a few old diapers. Even some old letterpress. My collection is basically anything I can get with the old huggies luvs or pampers logo.
    I would love to find stuff from another country.
    I'm not sure how to post photos of it on here..

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    Wow! I absolutely love that!

    I'd love to be able to have a space where I can display a collection like that, as I really love all things diapers and diaper culture. The best I can do is have a screen saver with vintage adult diaper ads.

    Super neat. Please keep us updated on your collection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperluvs View Post
    Does any body here collectible promo items for the different manufacturers. I have some items I thought I would share
    Damn. That stuff is pretty neat. I didn't know that they made that stuff. Where / how did you come across it all?

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