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Thread: AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

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    Default AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

    I was watching the incredibles and a scene go me thinking. Towards the beginning when the kids are fighting at the table and they are arguing about being normal, Vi says, "The only one here that's normal is Jack Jack and he is still in diapers"

    Dash responds under his breath "Lucky". His mother gives him a look then he quickly says "Uh I mean about being normal"

    So, is this just a coincidence or is this like a... for lack of words, an Easter egg?
    What do you guys think

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    OMG! I watched this JUST the other day and thought the EXACT same thing. Daddy gave me a funny look at that part making me feel kinda uncomfortable. Probably woulda gone right over his head if I wasn't fairly open about myself.

    "I don't want to ACT normal mom I want to BE normal! The only normal one here is Jack-Jack, and he's not even toilet trained!"

    "Lucky....oh, I uh meant about being normal, heh." *embarrassed look*

    Hahaha, loved it. XD
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    Whoa that's an incredible catch. I've seen that movie like ten times and I never noticed that little detail. It certainly could be an easter egg!

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    It never even occurred to me to think about that. And I have a thing for supers ironically.

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    A while back someone wrote a story based on that scene. I noticed it while at the theatre

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    It struck me at the time, but I think it was less of an Easter egg aimed ABDLs and more of the writers slipping in a joke about Dash being childish.

    That said, ABDLs are the perfect audience for that joke and it certainly made me excited when I heard it.

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    I've always laughed when that part of the movie happens. I've always just found it to be a funny part of the movie. I don't see any deeper meaning to it.

    For those wondering, here's a link. The moment in question happens near the end, around 3:30.

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    It's been mentioned here and elsewhere before.

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    I remember catching that joke early on. I don't think it was intended as an inside joke for ABDL, though it most certainly works as one. I certainly enjoy the reference.

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    I love The Incredibles and I have lost count on how many times I have seen it and it never occured to me that, that scene could be and AB reference but I seriously doubt that, that was their intention though.

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